Sunday, August 14, 2016


how stubborn i can be?

hurmm, you know, i would rather be homeless and sleep on street than accepting your help (human)

it's already hurting me a lot, all this year, all my entire life as this girl, patience, forgiving such dark creature. Accepting this bullshit karma chain. Enough, this time is enough.

Growing up seeing how bullshittt all woman on this earth acting. Who said, you can take care of yourself, and be free from monster. I just hate you so much. Why you need to live in hell with such satan, demon, hell. Weak? love?

who told you to love narcissist. Let me slap your face, wake up from this dream!!!!!!
narcissist: beautiful face and a rotten heart or it also can be ugly face with ugly heart 

if you want to suffer in hell, then let you alone suffer in hell, don’t let and don’t drag all people into your bullshittt life. All you do is because of love…then go die with your love. Love yourself first.

dear stupid dark, forgiving you doesn’t mean forgetting all that you did. Even if i’m light, doesn’t mean i have to live with dark creature to prove that i’m light and precious . All that bullshit story. If i am dark in my past life, it doesn’t mean i have to live with puppet dark evil monster with no meaning of life, with no memory of who they really are. And keep hurting people all around them like zombie. Over and over again.

ya…today, i’m so emotional. I want to be free from this karma chain. You don’t know, what i know about this life, if you know, then you wouldn’t stop crying like me. Please, slowly, step by step learn from her.

No, forgiving is not the easy thing to do. Like me, even though i forgive them and they already change a lot. And do all the nice thing, to help me, so it is easy for me to accept them back.  But still the memory keep haunting me, it repeat the same situation, that phase, when i had to past through all that nightmare.

Ya in this life, i meet them, and have to live with them, that happen because of karmic law. When i realize it, and wake up, I just want to cut all the relation from them. Even how much i love them, i already made up my mind. This will be the last time we’ll ever meet. I don’t wanna see all your face, that fake character anymore. I deserve better than this. And be free from such people. That is why my alone time feel like heaven, it feel like, my peaceful time.

negative creature, all that bullshit..have no place in my life. Go die with your sad story. I just wanna make this life full with calmness, beautiful scenery, cold and fresh air. No intention in making a lot of enemy. I just want, anyone that ever hurt me, to disappear before my eyes. I don’t want to revenge or anything. I just need, for you, not to show your face. Go live somewhere else. If you love me, then stay away as far as you could. That is my happiness.. the end.

ok..hahaha..feel a lil bit okay.. Mimi please take care of yourself. i love you.

p/s: ya, me myself, sometime..or most of time..full with negativity ahahaha
i love me..that is okay...together we will heal, dear myself..i love me so much 

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