Saturday, August 13, 2016

amnesia chronicle: mystery life

hurm, maybe it happen because, it is part of me
part of me that i have to learn and understand her

that night, at 12 am, morning/night, when i was 13 years old, i think it happen in June or maybe July
i don’t remember, i already write about this yet or not. Okay just a piece from my mystery life -___-!!

i was reading about history that night, “Malay History”. In my secondary school (high school), after maghrib prayer or isyak prayer at prayer hall (surau) we went back to school for prep time, finishing our revision or homework until 10 i guess or 11 pm, i don’t remember much ( 2 time prep: night and day). But still, it was not enough time to finish our homework. Too much homework…so don’t ask why, i can score A, A,A… (teacher kept pushing us to answer 100, thousand question, ~latihan tubi~ more than that i guess or i just dreaming ahaha) exaggeration. That was for geography. latitude, longitude, map muahaha So, it was easy to answer it in exam , cause we already repeat a lot of question T T, the same question. i don’t even have time to breathe (VOMIT..PUKE). No time for cartoon…all my cartoon…T T all my anime song T T noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hehe.

ya, continue the story..and that night. I didn’t finish our history homework at prep. Sometime i stay up until 1 am, 2 am to finish my homework, i didn’t do it at study room, too lazy, i guess, to go down stair. our dorm, was in 3rd  floor, i just sat outside the dormitory corridor and do my homework with the help of pendaflour lamp that come from  front stair . One dormitory i guess, 20 student in it. Ofc it have rule. I think, all dorm should switch off the o clock pm??? i don’t remember huhu. And the strange thing about our dormitory building, it was called…Princess Dormitory (Asrama Puteri/Aspuri)  and for male student, Prince Dormitory (Asrama Putera/Aspura) ahahahahaah klakar. 

After night prep school, while i walked back to our dorm. I asked one of my friend. Did she want to continue doing homework. And she said no, she already felt so sleepy. It was a strange sleepy night. I too felt sleepy, but back at my dorm, i went straight to study room , first floor, and start doing my homework. All my night owl senior was in there ahahaha. Sometime they  slept  in there.

And…ya…it was sooooo sleepy that night, i can’t think no more, so i stop doing the homework, history.  And i look at my senior, they’re behind me, and all of them fell asleep already O_O!!, their face on the desk. Never in history they slept that early. That night, i felt like, i was the only one who was still awake. And, i took my book, and went to my dorm, to drifted off to sleep.

i climbed my double decker bed,..ya my bed situated near the door and window. And, i start to said prayer before went to sleep…but…what i look in front of me…make me..glupppp… That situation, that strange thing. It was like YING YANG. DARK AND LIGHT T T. Freaking scary, and all my friend already sleep….

It was day and night at the same time???our dormitory was in night side, and the other side was day. And i thought i was dreaming and thinking, maybe i do homework until it was daylight, so i look at my watch, and it was, 12 midnight…. So i was dreaming??????????????

i put my blanket all over me and hiding in it. Maybe, i was just dreaming. Please, sleep, please sleep. But i can’t sleep. So i open the blanket, and look at door. It was still day light O__O!!! What is happening. Why at my place, night like always, and at the other side????? So i thinking, should i went there? 

It was strange. That light day only reached us until front stair,and it stop there. And from that point, all night like it should be. i used another stair (second), and i didn’t look front while i walked to my bed, and that was why, i’m was not aware bout that situation, plus i was soooo sleepyyyy that night.  We have 3 stair, front, middle, back stair….

i donno what time i slept that night, cause i can’t sleep. And the day after that, i asked my friend, did they saw it…They said no..huhuhuhuhu.

Maybe that was spotlight from lorry ahahaha ok kidding…

ok the End

p/s: so kazeyuki story: Lightness and Darkness start from there.. Inspiration from this strange thing huhuhuhu. i donno bout my grandparent history. i donno anything, i don’t ask anything. And strange thing keep happening, to me and i guess to all my family member -____-!!! And all my friend too. They’re a lil bit strange gluppp. They won’t laugh at you, if i told such strange story. They will believe in you, the problem is, me, i  myself can’t believe what i see. And i couldn't think and need a lot of my alone time. To clear the thing inside my mind, and somehow, i have to deal with the reality as student. Illusion and reality... ya if i didn't grab myself together, i may end up in mental place..okey hehe ^________^

they believe in you, cause they experience a lot of weird thing too.. hurm…

and sometime, it is like puzzle, they can explain it to you
you know, in game, sometime we have to find the clue to solve the stage/level and 
when we found the right person, they will tell you what you need to know
indeed, this life is a game...

don't be tooo serious,
don't let yourself into such illusion (i mean paranormal) too much
make it as something important to be solve but face the reality as human
as student, as worker...ya ...................................................................

the end

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