Sunday, August 21, 2016

alone time end

my alone time, please don’t leave me, i’m already addicted with you -____-!!!
i ask for lemme be alone for 1 or 2 month more, and they didn’t approve…noooooooooo
they only allow you for half month to be alone…
and it’s already end

princess is soooooooooooooooo sad and tooooooooo sad
(i just thinking..deep in myself…should i run away hurm…)
and then reality come knocking my head…it said, please be rational and keep ur emotional
you want me to be rational…???nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

ok…i’ll try to be 75% rational…25% emotional…so if they piss me off, i’ll go into my room and cry and cursing for 1 hour and speak with my beloved. And then i’ll face them back with my rational mind -____-!!! and solve anything that need to be solve.

you don’t know…i’ve been facing a lot of strict kind of person. And they don’t have soft heart. They’re crazy muahahaha. It’s so tired with strict people. They want comitment. Even if you’re sick with them (sick to see their face..rasa nak muntah)!!!!!! They want you to be front of them. -_____-!!!!  I feel like i want to put my feet on their face. Put them under my  feet ahahahahaha.

Mom be like glup when she saw i skecth something like knive on paper, and make something like comic dialogue cause i was so piss off with that person. HAHAHAHA

no, unsoft heart people won’t piss off with my harsh word and sulk for too long. They don’t know how to sulk. Maybe we punch and kick each other face, after that no more conflict.

 -____-!!! tired with that kind of life. of course i need to treat people based on how they treat me. I feel the pain, and you too have to feel the same pain. So they will become human and learn empathy. And don’t bully people..stupid.

so, i be’s kind of heaven when i have a lot of soft heart friend. So i don’t have to get angry or piss off, with high voice, hot temperature…

i don’t like dark..dark is so stupid..dumbasss creature..why they even exist!!!!!!! hehehehe
it feel yuck…kind of pain when they love/like you….the struggle is real tho…………………….
please go die…

i need to control my anger, try to avoid conflict as much as i can. And i just need to keep silent or walk away when they start their drama.

p/s: the end
if you hate..hate to the fullest
if you to the fullest
(i have both of it…hate and love…and i need to control myself and be rational)

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