Friday, July 22, 2016

Words of Wisdom from Matthew Silver

girl: what do you think, the meaning of life is?
men: to live… live in the mystery! and to find purpose! and to live in the now!  magic! ooffff now!

girl: what’s your most adventurous memory?
men: this! I remember this! this is an adventure! THIS IS THE MEMORY!

girl: what advice, do you have for younger generations?
men: younger generations? ohh.. live in the moment! don’t get old! don’t judge people! 
because YOU CAN’T BE FREE, if you judge people! LOVE NOW! CREATE! INSPIRE!

girl: How do you define free?
men: by doing what you love.

girl: what do you love?
men: this! the moment! LOVE NOW! IT REPEATS!

girl: What other advice do you have for us?
men: That you’re, already doing, you’re always doing, what’s in your heart, you can’t get away from your heart because life is a paradox! it’s a mirror of confusion! so, LOVE NOW!

girl: who do you love
men: I love ALL OF YOU!

p/s: his advice is full of love and wisdom ^^
he make me happy...

dear reader please look his facial expression .


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