Thursday, July 21, 2016


i donno what is wrong with mom -_____-!!!!
mom is weird creature
she keep repeating about vampire..vampire..vampire
i don't like vampire
i don't like ghost -_____-!!!

ok..ghost story
i have a nightmare
i keep seeing that girl wearing white dress -_____-!!!

ya, i know
ghost doesn't mean to scare me
at least they're not monster like most hypocrite human being
(ghost) they show their true self to me

ghost just want to be friend
but their appearance make me scare T T

before this was also like this
i don't like to see their image/appearance
so they don't show their self to me, they just be there
she just want to be friend

uncle told me, ya one of my uncle also can see the unseen 

uncle:she look like you, wearing like you, she just want to be friend

and i be like, you ghost,if you need to learn something from me,
 please just watch me from far, ok, i don't want to speak with you
hahaha just like me
even with ghost i keep pushing them away ahahahaha
i just love being alone without any interruption 
you made me scare ok

idk, where is she now...
hope she is okay hurm

ever since i was small, ghost never do any harm to me
it is just they're not beautiful like human being
but the so call beautiful human, 
always hurt and harm me
with their word, with their hand, with their foot

so, i appreciate ghost so much
i'm not really scare with them
ofc it make me glup O__O!!
but i will smile at them.....
ghost make me happy

i think, ghost think like this

ghost: i'm so sorry, i don't mean to scare you, it is just my physical appearance, i can't change it

this one is different from "she" that uncle told me...


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