Monday, July 4, 2016

nephew 9 month already

my nephew be like “smile” ^_________^.
he like to smile
and everytime i speak, he look at me
and me be like

i know x2 my voice is sooooo beautiful no need to feel wow ahahaha -_____-!!!

nooo. ofc ..donno how to play with baby
baby like me, me like myself: i love me
and miss bell bell…
bella  n muffin?? big sis left both of them at her home ahahahaha
so no bell2
ya 9 month i didn’t go home, so he already 9 month

p/s: smile and cry..good actor
chayok nephew -____-!!!
p/s: big sis arrive at home, today
aunt also will celebrate Hari Raya at our lot of people this Raya

i just think to stay at uni until this month end…but mom want me to go home……hahahaha

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