Saturday, July 2, 2016


childhood memory

ya during my primary school, i love school so much. I love to meet with friends and teacher ahaha.
i felt so sad if i couldn’t attend to school, so i never play truant…
even when i caught with heavy fever, i still went to school
and at school i couldn’t do anything, and teacher just said…
“so pity..hurm..ya, sleep”

i slept at my desk, couldn’t open my eyes -____-!!! it felt so tired…
and it turn to be worst at night
i’m not always caught in fever
when i caught in fever, it worst, until i couldn’t move huhuhu

idk how many time i caught in fever..i just remember
a piece from my memory

at night i couldn’t sleep, when i close my eyes, i saw dream, non stop dream
i open my eyes, i saw ghost…it slept near me, and stare at me huhuhuhu
i couldn’t shout/scream or call my cousin, so i close my eyes again and’s so tired
and i saw two owl, sometime one owl -____-!!!

ya when close my eyes: dream
open my eyes : ghost -____-!!!

do you know that sometime...
we know, we;re in dream...

ya…why owl??
ya, at grandmother’s house…there’re two owl outside…cousin told me..two owl
but i don’t even bother to disturb
but when i caught in worst fever…owl in the house huhuhuhu,  it wait in the house huhu

idk...reality or dream huhu..i guess it is just a dream..
how can owl be in home..we already close door and window

the end hurnm

p/s: mom is already here home

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