Thursday, July 28, 2016


i’m glad i can control my anger really well ahahaha
congratulation princess! i love me


dear reader…
don’t get trap into this matrix world realm
how to trust your instinct…!
first, you should have a very loving heart
and after that, trust me, 99% of your instinct is totally correct
you’ll be kind of: mind, face, heart reader ahahahahahahaha
this is so crazy muahahaha

if you heart said no..then no…(believe in your heart)
cause it know what your eyes and mind don’t know
we’re all connected to the source…the same source

what you did
who you’re
your mistake
actually we all know it…no secret between us hehehe
if you lie, then you lie to your own self omo haha
so be real dear! no fake! be original

and love, make this life story look perfect in his/her imperfection
you’re still beautiful to me ahahahaha

why your instinct is always wrong?

hurm..cause you’re unconnected to the source
or you’ve just a little connection with the source
the more the connection to the source
the more secret you’ll know…(know what you shouldn’t do and do ahahahaha)
and it make your life happy and easy…
calmness, serenity like heaven ahahaha

so LOVE NOW ahahahaha


p/s: princess you should be polite
try not to be rude ahahahaha
but if i'm angry...
i'll not be rude..and speak shittt 
i'll just punch their face ahahaha oppss

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