Sunday, June 5, 2016

Queen In Hyun's Man

fairy tales nite dreaming ^^

history fiction movie

if i be that girl
i think i can’t be with anyone or replace beloved
even in different world and even without memory
thousand year passing
this heart will still remain the same

some says
it is best for you to forget
so you won’t live in agony
remembering the past it’ll just make you stop from moving on
yet this life keep continuing

and the worst
you’ll be insane
you can’t sleep
you cry but donno why you cry
something is missing but donno what is missing

and for the seeker of truth
i hope someday you’ll remember
that we have the same memory ^^
none of us can forget about it
(about that one precious memory that we share)
sooner or later

-just crazy/absurd fairy tales-

p/s: fairytale...
hurmmm crying watching this Queen In Hyun
i'm just like this...
watching, reading will make me cry kah kah kah

just ignore kiss scene    -____-!!!
but you'll learn something from this  1-16 episode
it explain a lot about this life
hope you try it

ya..sometime i will cry like this after reading/watching movie history
-____-!! insane, ya 
why should i cry for non-exist character ahahaha? totally crazy kah kah kah
that is why i took a very long time to write ...
cause i 
cry+ calm my mood+cry again + write = termenung jauh
termenung ...termenung..termenung
tabahlah diriku
reading with heart
writing with heart
will make me exhausted
sometime being heartless is better for people like me

habit...just look at animal also will make me cry cause they're so cute

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