Tuesday, June 28, 2016

nite fairy tales sbb bosan

yeay i feel so boring, so i make cruel fairytales
once upon a time…….in my mind, this story exist ahahahaha

diary of dark princess

hurm he already found you. But you won’t ever let him in. why torment him in such way.
+ he deserve that!

- hurm, this is so weird.
+  It hurt, deeply,  hate at first sight!

-creppy dear
+  he is actually monster that is why he should be left alone. And  i had paid with my own life for this revenge. Don’t be like me.  (i would like to bring you too into this disaster-the real me ahahaha, but naaaa, i won’t put that seed of hatred into you, cause you’ll hurt a lot)

- i see him as a nice human being
+ if i could bring you to the past, you won’t ever said such thing.

- could you just please forget about revenge? hurm, what a sad story. Nobody is perfect. 
And the past don’t even exist anymore. We’re now, here, present.
+ yup and his life is perfect for assassination, and you’re wrong, it still exist in my memory.

- omg this is so crazy, you’re so beautiful  yet you always look so sad T T
+ thanks love.  I know you  always crying whenever reading my history. How i wish you’re there so i won’t have such bad memory. (but if you’re there, i might hurt you tho ahaha) Ya this is how it will happen, whenever light met with dark, i got to know both side.

-how it happen?
+ when one life ended. The new life begin. Our mind be reset, we have no/zero memory. Then light approach, they taught about love, light, joy, it is so different from our nature (my dark kingdom). Maybe because i was so tired with revenge and blood and i ask for a better life. But karma is still karma. They hurt you because of your past mistake, and ya, it is so ridiculous. You don’t even have idea, why they do such thing to you. You don’t even remember what happen in the past. Its so cruel. They’re evil, and heartless. They can choose to forgive, but they teach you to be cruel.

- T T it is so sad to hear that. Light will always love you. Come to our light house, don’t go back to such dark place full with dark creature. Ya you don’t have to be with him. We will take you away  from him. Please forget about revenge.
+ light is such a sweet creature. Don’t you know, i was so arrogant back then. I’m heartless, i can’t even shed a tears. I was so curious why they’re crying whenever one life end (human, animal). For me it is a nature cycle. And when light taught me about love/empathy. I was so scared with myself. I don’t even have a heart, i don’t feel their sadness. And it made me to think deeply, what was wrong with me, and that day i cried. The tears wasn’t because of love, but, i’m afraid with myself. (heartless)

-tell me more
+ what i hate about you light. I hate when you’ve to forgive a lot of people. Why you let them bullying you. Why you be too nice?  I don’t want you to be like that. Whenever a pure light like you exist, you should be guard by dark creature for your own safety. You should learn from dark. Then your life will be balance.

- ahahaha, i’m not a weak light. Sure understand what you meant. That is why we’re friend.
+ and people like “past me” still exist. And you have to know, they’re heartless. And they don’t know they’re wrong. Ya they need heartless punishment  for them to realize their mistake… hurmmm

-again ahahaha, what a cruel life
+ ya, i have to pass through it all. I have no regret, to have such precious bad memory. So i may know this life secret. It’s okay to be hurt a little. It is worth it. I’m strong ahahaha. Ya at first, i too disagree why they have to hurt me for this lesson of life. Why they're so mean, what is love when the treat me with hatred. Cause, see, when you speak nicely to me, when you show example of how human SHOULD ACT WITH HUMANITY. I can accept your advice AND TRY MY BEST TO BE HUMAN AND TO FOLLOW YOUR EXAMPLE. But now i do understand. It is because of me,  i need a detail of explanation about my character. So i have to experience it. Why this character of me is heartless, why i was born without empathy like them. And it made me understand about society.

so i choose to walk the path
do you know, how sad it is ...

-ya, i remember  how weak you’re when you’ve to combine dark and light. Cause in this life you want to be light, and you live with us with your dark nature/potential inside of you. That is not your fault.
+ i look so helpless right.

- T T i feel like dying to look you suffer that much
+ but now, monster love me. I still have my dark potential, my dark self. And my instinct is, i should not let them in. Can i follow this instinct. I hurt a lot, and now i can feel a lot of thing.

- But you the one who want to know all of it. Why leave your beloved, they already change
+ i don’t know. This is what i hate about you. Maybe i should see all of them die thousand time. So this deep wound would heal. Let them come begging. ahahahaha. Let me be alone. I’m beautiful in my darkness, my sadness. In my aloneness hehehe

- T T

p/s: fairytales, combination of light and dark.
ya, i wish dark princess will heal from sad story T T
hurm…but ofc their true potential is in dark place…hurm
i don’t know what will happen to them…
it is so scary…

i love all of them…i don’t like light princess to be bully with dark creature!!! feel dare you!!
i don’t want monster to hurt dark princess… she already pass through a lot of thing
in this fairytales
i love Queen of Illusion/ Queen Maya/Ratu Maya
she is my favourite character cause she is so strong and fierce yet she have a lot of love

to dark prince..hurm be nice!!! if you don’t want me to kick your face and ass
to evil king? hurmmmmm be nice!!!!! you should learn to be brave and not coward king
go learn with real king hurmm
i being bias again…maybe because i love all woman, mom and all girl
so i’m so into woman character ahahahahaha

pastu abis semua yang tak bersalah pun kena tinggal
sampai hati huhu...rational skit na...
menangis kawan tu sorang-sorang
nak dekat, nanti kau sedih memanjang

dah tahu dia sedih,
tak payah la kacau huhu
sensitif tu la~la~la bawak diri...ahahahahahahahahah

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