Tuesday, June 14, 2016

next level

i know what you want to say

next will be our turn


even when we're apart
we're like twin
ya..your vibe attract your tribe

 you talk/speak like mine
and i be like ahahaha smile
-fairy tales-

this life is infinity
rise your level of consciousness and embrace this miracle journey

i couldn't say much 
your heart
your journey
feel it
let me hug u
i know it hard ahahaha

sebenarnya sudah berapa lama kau disini?
rasa sesuatu hurm


p/s: ahahahaha fairy tales for crazy people like me kah kah

ok back to reality

me and mom

me: mom, that day i heard voice and i'm sure, i'm not dreaming. I see you praying at that time
and i couldn't move and say anything. He speak a very strange language.

mom: why you didn't tell me? (she mean on the spot)

me: ahahaha cause i don't think it's necessary to tell you. But the voice gone when i read some
verse from Quran. it's so scary. That voice kind of seru/calling for something. Like ancient language.

not always to hear weird voice...
just sometime...not more than ten time...from my childhood till now..if i count

ya..weird haunted ghost story ahahaha not harry potter kah kah

cya..gonna pray subuh huhu

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