Friday, June 17, 2016

keep ur eyes open 2

in my reality world
they want to be with me
but i the one who refuse to be with anyone
i’m so obsess with being alone and be with me
i feel  so happy and calm when no one with me

so don’t teach people you love to be alone
hug them and tell you love them everyday ahaha
and don’t ever ignore them, never desert them
cause they will end up to be just like me
sweet girl turn to be “cold”

maybe because i don’t want any human to hurt me anymore
i don’t care you hate me or love, it have nothing to do with me

i’m so happy when i see all my friend have a lot of friend ^^
that is what i wish for them
i can’t ever imagine, if they have no one and want to be friend  just with me…
me? me? me?

(cause your life will be so boring: hurm believe me)

cause i love being alone, i’ll totally leave she/he
and it will make them sad, i don’t like to make people sad
i don’t care about look, i just look into your heart
some people want to be your friend because you’re beautiful

but me, sometime, i wonder, what kind of person i am?
rather  i be friend with people because of their look….
you ugly, you pretty, you handsome i don’t care…

if i feel safe, i feel warm, i feel your genuine, if not i’ll stay away from human

well i’m just crazy, even i have “sweetheart friend”  i still want to be alone
i still feel no one want to be with me, it just “ feeling”  that i can’t delete from me
just the feeling like i think cat and bird hate me…but when they come to me
i’m the onewho “stress” ahahaha

no one want to be with me, no one want to be friend with me, they hate me
i hurt a lot, they say a lot of bad thing to me, please take me away from them
don’t ever give me to any human
i just don’t want to be with them
-the prayer that i always says to God-

p/s: well trauma from childhood and highschool..not heal yet ahahaha
p/s: i guess i just heal from it, and i want to keep this memory, cause i love to cry when i remember about it. It give me strength to live day by day and be strong, without need to depend on anyone.

friend: you’re just weird cause you just like to be alone
me: ahahahaha

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