Tuesday, June 28, 2016


inao: the past life is real, it’s nothing go against your religion/belief system. It is just matter of your level of understanding toward your own belief system.

Qurat: explain it more.

inao: look, that boy and girl they have dark potential, in their past life they killed a lot of innocent. And they failed in that life. I mean they failed to come back to the source. So God gave them chances to come back to this earth. To experience one more time.

Qurat: that boy born without leg , and that girl is blind.

inao: that is their punishment. And they have no memory now. Look, that is poor boy, that is rich girl.

Qurat: You wanna say, he is born into poor family because something he did in the past? and that girl too. And both failed to go back to the source, that is why, they still here as soul in human being to experience one more time.

inao: ya. Karma is like boomerang, what you give you get back. So there is nothing like God being unfair. It is just matter of your understanding, and this is hidden knowledge. Not all failed, there is a lot of reason why they return to this world realm again.

Qurat: how about heaven and hell, is it real?

inao: of course it is real, but it isn’t permanent. This life is infinity. From infinity we create our own illusion. Illusion is real, real is illusion.

Qurat: what is resurrection days?

inao: it mean a change of realm. This human life will end. Before the time of prophet/saint rule this world (white phase)  it is God and Goddess (like you read in trinity) period (Dark age/phase). Their ability is different from human. They have a very strong power, magical ability, same as fairy tales story that you ever heard. Ya they like war so much. Parallel universe is real, time travel is real, teleportation is real, telepathy is real and a lot more.

Qurat: all the prophet already died. It mean…

inao: ya, once again god and goddess trinity will rule this world. White phase end, and Dark phase begin again. Do you see war everywhere and anywhere, they like war. Soon it will be a very huge war, and a lot of people will die in that war. What you see now, it is just beginning before dead end chaos. Trinity is needed, religion also is needed, to balance this world / for the continuation of life on this earth. (it is just part of plan)

Qurat: how about Jesus?

inao: of course he is real but it is secret syushhhh 

Qurat: hurm

inao: this life is a game. Without bad guy there is no use for hero.

Do you want to play with me?
ok, lets play good guys and bad guys
I’ll be the good guy
and you be the bad guy
and when you’re the bad guy
you just run
-quote from Zelda game timeline-

p/s: hope will know all the secret...
why this life is like...hurm

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