Wednesday, June 29, 2016

hurm i'm in deep thinking...

what am i thinking?
i couldn't stop thinking about life...


hurm, do you know what is the consequence from the phrase above??
ya, at first when you read it, you feel happy cause someone will make your bad days better...hurm

but for me, with what i know, something that i already know,
when i read it, it make me sad ^^ don't be like me..............

that wishes, that longing, that dream, for me to be that girl
someone else should pass through the bad days and................
i just feel like i want to stop from dreaming
indeed, this life is samsara
it have cause and effect

ya...dear mirror
i know how sad it is
when we look at them
actually, we're looking at our own image
it's so scary

ya, i just feel like i want to deny it
cause that image is so different from our nature
part of us that look so bad
ya..we already lose at the very beginning of this game ahahahahahaha 

-ya..couldn't stop crying-


ya, it is a nature cycle, that is okay for you dear human
you must thinking that i'm weird 
cause it is normal for people to have some bad days :D

i just wish that i'll make people smile
and i'm so sorry if i make you cry

if possible i want to make sadness disappear
but, i can't...

it's part of us
from that source
in that beginning

from that emptiness
until this life exist....


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