Wednesday, June 15, 2016

fairytale ghost story

hurm seramlah macam tu
na larikkkkk will shut down myself kah kah
so you won’t have any idea hehe
hiding is my greatest ability

OOK i want to continue about ghost story kah kah
it happen during my practical day (as college student). We’re on road trip by bus and i fall asleep. My condition half awake and half asleep (mamai) and then suddenly i heard someone gave salam to me and to my friend (i call her kak/sis amal) . She sound so creeeeeepyy and in excited intonation gluppp kind of ceria voice. Ya i think that voice is “woman” idk kah kah kah

assalamualaikum syamimi
assalamualaikum amalina
and i was like gluuppp O_o!!!
dammmit ahahahahaha (u thinking i want to reply it???)

quest: (the problem is, how/why she know our name ahahahaha)
this is why i don't like to sleep with light off (now i'm okay with it)
i still remember her and his voice >_<!!! this woman's voice was creepier than the man's voice

she doesn't sound like human but he sound like human but both of them ofc creeeeeeeepy

ofc i don’t tell it to anyone. my friend believe this kind of thing, she always telling the story about ghost stuff. She tell about her previous rent house (haunted), she heard a lot of sound, people making sound, i forgot the
detail of story. And she stay there alone ahahaha. (ghost make no harm, so she is okay with it). It’s so funny. And she tell a lot of story, that i can learn from it. 3 month working together. - the end-


 p/s: angel diary kah kah

i didn't watch the second silent hill
i just watch the first one
i think i should try this movie
ok will be on the list

it's not scary like other ghost story -____-!!! at least
i just interested to watch this movie cause lil bro playing this game before he gone
ya, i think he didn't finish that game hurm 

ok cya

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