Wednesday, June 22, 2016


actually i want to tell bout dragon, time travel, dream
but i  feeeeeeeeel soooooo sleeeeeepy like slowpoke

lately, it's so cold, i'm freezing
but today, it's hot

maybe because i'm so angry with adult/pedophile
and her father backing that pedo cause blood related and want to cover shame
how dare him!!! and he asking women that report to police
to cancel her report ??
how about ur daughter...4/5 years old being raped!!!!!
when they asked her, she just said
"it hurt at back, like something poke her O_o!!!"

i just feel like wth...this sick people

couldn't stop crying from evening till night
i hate coward, stupid adult...i don't wanna be their friend
i wanna be alone, and look at sky
or maybe sleeping in quite dark place

i know, i shouldn't get involve with this matter (at this weakest time)
but, when it happen or i read the news..........
i just feel like..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
ya, i just want to educate/teach myself to hate evil did
i just want to tell my heart what is right and what is wrong
when i gain my strength back..ofc i'll get involve 
will try to help...

ofc, such negative matter will affect our daily life if we couldn't control ourself
matrix and illusion
ofc illusion is real
real is illusion

i have to control my emo
i don't need to cry a lot
i just have to tell myself

he did bad thing = he should be punish/ karma/kifarah 
(don't be like this evil)

for that lil girl = wish her to be strong/ wish her a happy life
from such  experience..soon she will grow up to be strong
i feel like, i want to take her from such coward adult
don't wanna let her be with such pathetic surrounding -again emo-ahahahaha
couldn't help myself

p/s: ahahahaha
ok cya..crazy

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