Sunday, June 5, 2016

bed time story

story: i lied to mom

i really wanna go to that place cause i wanna see something. Ya i know if i ask friend to join me, maybe they will, cause they are like that, they love gathering together.

but…me is just me. If i can do it alone, i’ll try to do it alone. I don’t want to interrupt people’s life. So i went there alone evening till night -____-!!!. I already told mom. Ya i wanna see the different between day and night, so i have to be in two time. She already give permission but she felt annoy cause i can’t go back at my place the same day like i plan.

Ya at last, i’ve to stay there and waiting for morning, but i have no place to go  . Just bench and front of it, river/lake/sea i don’t know. But i told mom, i stay at some place, and don’t worry. 

mom: you annoy me, why so stubborn, i told you don’t go at night!
me: don’t worry, there are still people here, they aren’t sleep at night :D
mom: laugh2 i can’t sleep, i’m worry (about 11.44 pm)
me: please sleep huhu
mom: Cannot sleep! where are you now?
me: and don’t call anyone to take me, i’m just okay :D
mom: i won’t tell to your dad (ofc dad will be more worry than mom…)
me: (i’m here bla..bla ..bla..but i told her the truth just not specific)and i should save my phone battery, gud nite mom (11.55pm)

And then, a woman came and sat at the same bench with me, she brought her nephew, they ride bicycle at night and she watched them. i think twelve at night. After that no one there.oh ya one boy sat at stair and also look at river (what he do sitting in dark ahahaha)and then he also gone.  I just counting time and stare at river. 12,1,2,3,4,5,6,7…

i felt like, why time move too slow kah kah kah

i don’t remember what time, rain start to pour, ofc i bath in rain, ya for a long time..cold. Wind start blow, it is so scary to look at river/lake ahahaha. ya i just sat still at bench. When people passer by me, i know, they wonder, what that girl doing at 2,3,4 am alone. Maybe they think i was ghost. ahahaha

so sorry, i have no choice and no other option. Ya i know not nice for girl to be alone at such time.

if i  just careless/carefree like i was in high school, i will just sleep on bench kah kah. omg. ya i envy boy so much >_< it is just easy for them to travel alone, that is not fair and no one worry/less worry about em! Feel a little bit guilty cause making mom worry.

and then..yeay already morning…7 am start to walk…and i’m asking Chinese man, Malay man and woman, the direction… and i’m back at uni yeay..’s just a strange feeling. It feel like, just a second i’m in difficult time/situation, eventhough  i felt like time move too slow but when it end, it just feel like a second. Like, dreaming, like, i  never face such situation.

p/s: so please have your own car, dear lullaby  mimi…but still public transportation help a lot… little cost and you won’t trap in traffic jam.

i’ll never be afraid to travel alone, promise to myself, that i’ll be strong, Not a cry baby, that always want people to help me, what a shame. Never2 depend on anyone..amen mostly human!

p/s: ya…i  ask a lot of help from mom and dad and that cannot be help. Just this 2 people, that i won’t be shy to ask. Ya if home is near from that place, i’ll ask them to take me. But it is far. After this 2 people, i won’t and will try avoiding human as much as possible la~la~la crazy

hurmm wonder
rather i pass away first
or mom and dad...

 this life...this is  so strange...

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