Thursday, June 30, 2016

The destroyer 2

the destroyer/king of king/Shiva
ofc  Brahma (Evil/coward king) and Vishnu (Dark Prince) couldn’t do anything
so don’t make Shiva angry

only one character didn’t scare with Shiva …that character is Shakti (Queen/King of Illusion)

p/s: when i see the pattern
i be like wow...
it truly happen like the history told O_O!!
the story is already written a long time ago

... chaos

hurmm..if you ask my opinion?
i’ll say : it happen because  people(most of them) in nightclub all over the world make a lot of people sad
if they already have wife and husband,child, they betray their beloved
alcohol..will cause a lot of problem with family institution
sometime they beat their wife, child
they took drug

like Radha said: now i don’t like him, cause he is such playboy and bad creature

sadness, anger from your beloved, wishes from their unconscious mind
everyday, every second, they praying for them (beloved) to change…
a lot of “weak” “sick” human (soul) praying for their suffering to end
hurm..the destroyer character…they will destroy your sadness hurmmm
that is why…the destroyer take over that role/job

ya…this is dark phase…
you can look back into history
ya sometime it happen because the people in that place didn’t follow the plan/the rule
such as lgbt, ofc it’s wrong, cause woman and men should be together (nature)
not men with men, women with women, that is so wrong
so, they need to be reset back before it getting worse
so the destroyer took place (human, nature,unseen creature (mother nature get angry:flood)
history will repeating itself again and again
eventhough i don’t like rule, but that is how this world work
human need law and rule

i study the pattern (trinity teaching)
and the pattern show
since ancient time
the destroyer/real king (shiva) can’t co-op with evil king character (brahma),they can’t stand it
they’re enemy: coward evil vs king of king
and it's always the destroyer win

they (destroyer)suffer a lot too, they lost (wife, child, sibling...most of them:orphan) and their anger
could kill you, they don't care about prison, they're not coward...

p/s: ofc no one like war…but God always listening to their prayer,  that soul, that crying soul, but no one listening to them…how much they suffer because of selfish beloved. don’t ask why war occur  in your country..Because you hurt woman, child, and innocent!!! we’re energy, anger , sadness is bad energy .Can you imagine thousand of people  in anger, ofc chaos will took place.  

just opinion..peace


cruel  fairytale

admire my mirror
bagaimana ingin berkaca
cermin ku retak berjuta
Heh, I had a cat, Fluffy, that used to admire herself in the mirrror. She was such a diva!
-quote somewhere-

ya i don’t like him too -____-!!!
time for revenge ahahahaha kidding
young generation be like
break him into pieces
ya that is a good idea too

let he shout:

O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya

who like playboy?
who like betrayal?
 make him gone crazy -____-!!!
how dare he hurt you!

Dear Radha
as young generation..i have a lot of why
i don’t wanna see you cry anymore
i love you

i like this Radha song
that is why i don’t  like the idea of wife/queen
not suit with my rebellious character -_____-!!!
i see a lot of disaster they make upon this beautiful creature
and now such rebellious/hatred/anger like me was  born (a lot of me)
so, taste it ahahahaha

yaaa arrogant phase hehehehe

 don't stare O_O!! ofc i'm jelous haha
but listen with your ear  (this beautiful song)
and understand with heart

p/s: the end
i don’t write because of me
like i said..i don’t like to hurt anything
it is something like…force around me
when we’re one, and something “cry” i too couldn’t stop crying
when that something angry, i too could feel their anger -_____-!!!

could all of you stop fighting -____-!!! T T poor me
i am not into your drama, please, i love me, i love peaceful theme

so what happen..hurmmmmmmm
today, i couldn’t stop crying….
that something is soooooooo sad
but the real me, she is happy and smile
and try to motivate herself with her study…hurmmmm
dear, something like Radha, you’re so beautiful, we love you
don’t be sad ^^
ya like that song said, everybody blame it on Radha
hurmm..ya i'll join you, don't like him too ahahaha
poor my Radha..huhu

lately, KL , Malaysia

PETALING JAYA: An individual who claimed to be a member of the Islamic State (IS) has admitted the early morning bomb blast at a club in Puchong today was the work of the militant group.

 His Facebook posting reads: “After leaving it to God and asking Allah Almighty for help, two caliphate of Malizia state launched their first attack in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, namely by targeting a nightclub filled with Kafir Harbi with grenade…

“The attack resulted in a number people injured and destroying the nightclub. They do not respect the month of Ramadan and indulged in vice activities…

“Muslims are asked to stay away from such centers of immorality and that you do not help these transgressors, you will not be the target… turn to God Almighty.”

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

ya can't stop thinking

see, when i wish to have a mother
or mom wish to have me, cause child will make her happy through her bad days
look she felt the pain 

i feel bad
it feel like it is all my fault to cause pain to my mother
mom told me
it is easy to gave birth to me, it just took a short time

mom: among ur sibling, you just took a short time
me: how long?
mom: idk, i sat on hospital bed and then you came out, without need to wait for long period…
me: it must be really pain, right?
mom: ya, but when i saw my baby face, all the pain gone
me: -____-!!!  (every mom said such thing...i just don't get it)
hurm… mom’s character is different from me…every mom is warrior queen
i’m warrior princess and will never be queen cause i don’t like king ahahaha
i wish i could limit the damage
i wish i won’t cause too much suffering for anything animal/human
sometime i just wish i won’t cause any suffering -__________-!!