Thursday, May 19, 2016

sleep in dark

ya..about me..
i’m no longer afraid to sleep in dark. Yeay i can switch off the lamp already…
thanks to mom, thanks to friend and thanks to Him

ya, i’m not afraid to walk alone at night but i had trouble to sleep without light, it feel so scary. When mom switch off the lamp, i’ll switch on back ahahahaha.
during college time
we share room in our hostel…4 student  in one room…and she said…i’ll switch off the lamp
i won’t mind to sleep in dark if there’re people around me, i just can’t sleep  when i’m alone in dark.
friend2: feel so fantastic to sleep in dark…
and we all laugh…
friend: why you scared? if you’re afraid of something, face it, and your fear will gone. Do you remember, you sleep in your mom’s  tummy yet it’s dark and comfort.

mom: ok, today i gonna sleep with you. i want to teach you to sleep in dark. It’s not good for your health to sleep with light on.

me: ok…but i want to switch on that sleep’s lamp (small bulb/lamp)

mom: ok

i think 3 days mom sleep with me…Sometime, if i feel too scared i’ll borrow both of them, mom and dad ahahahaha…

and now i’m not afraid anymore. I already feel comfortable to sleep without light (alone ofc). I already change. Actually i’m not changing, just i’m back to my nature kah kah kah. You also the same, do you remember you sleep in your mom’s tummy for 9 month, you’re not scared of dark. And one of my friend said..

friend 3: i see your room have no light? do you sleep in dark?
me: ya ^^ and i see your didn’t switch off the light?
friend3: i’ve no strength yet to sleep in dark
me: ya..i also the same with you..but mom force me to sleep with light off hehe. ya it feel calm to sleep in dark.

p/s: yeay..with or without light i can sleep well now...
i don't mind light or's just the same for me
some people can't sleep with light on...but i can
some people can't sleep in dark..but now i can 


i'm proud of me ahahahahahaha crazy

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