Tuesday, May 31, 2016

final mood

you want to know the difference between a master and the beginner?
the master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried

the creator
the preserver
the destroyer

(cycle of life)

dear young warlock indeed must you learn history 
for history always repeating itself

everything that has a beginning has an ending
this is how this game of life keep repeating
for us to learn the wisdom from the event

must yourself free from this samsara
if thee choose to be the puppet of the heartless creator- Evil King
my advice, please be the puppet that see the hidden hand
that play thee using his unseen string
and ask him why?

cycle of civilization

exhausted must be this creature we call as human
for how long they wish to wonder in this dream state?
i wonder



could you tell me
where Atlantis gone?
where Lemuria gone?
where your Babylon?
where all that ancient civilization

even their precious ancient language also gone
just like fairy tales

that is the work of THE DESTROYER
when they're at the peak they lose their morality
so must we end their evil doing

after that...
earth will calm itself and new life begin again

the destroyer will kill and human will start to ask about time when the death come to them
that is the beginning for them to realize about the reality of this world
space and time

the destroyer teach you about the time concept, illusion
 hahahaha kidding

ok enough fairy tales
sleepy already

ok back to reality

if i play as one of the character in that life game, i would be

i would choose to be preserver ahahahaha
i don't like to destroy thing, i like to take care of animal, flower, and i want this earth to be beautiful
but still i won't angry with the destroyer, cause they just do their work ^^
they're in my team huhu

but...i'm off from any game
i just watching and be the watcher


da sewel kah kah kah
apa la yang aku merepek ni

ok back to the now...

oi...silly girl...focus on your study...don't write any fairy tales if you don't finish your homework
you said that you don't want to be like Evil King, so finish your work stop running from your obligation
as student hurmm...

create the harmony space in your life, focus, follow the rule, even you hate rule and protocol
i hate protocol..i'm not princesss..why should i follow the rule of this kingdom fairytale -____-!!

but you're student..that is why!!!!!
you can hack this game study the rule...may someday you understand it haishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

p/s: read it as...trinity knowledge

not religion
in religion the Creator is Him, one and only ^^
the most beloved

mungkin nanti kamu akan nampak persamaan..
sebab itu Tauhid itu penting
yang kamu lihat adalah sifat2Nya...
kenali Pencipta agar kamu kenal diri sendiri
moga tenang nanti diri yang sesat dalam ilusi......

tak apa jika sesat
yang penting ada keinginan untuk cari jalan pulang
bukan menangis, berputus asa, sampai bila ingin seksa diri sampai begitu?

He create you different in tribe and nation,  so you may know one another

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