Friday, May 20, 2016

fairytale time

in love story
i don’t like happy ending, i like up and down and sad ending kah kah kah
mom, if she know the story is sad ending she will refuse to watch it...ya mom

mom: ya i’ll be like, i want to burn the cinema if they play sad story

i like when boy/girl reject their beloved...i don’t care whateva their reason is
i just want them to separate, break ahahahaha crazy,
so i could feel their pain and maybe cry with them while watching movie wakaka
i’ll be like...why that boy/girl is so stupid to stick like gum eventhough they’re hurt

just move on, i hate to see your too nice character, i feel like crazy to see ur behaviour
i can’t process it in my mind, why you love her/him too much? why?? get lost ahahaha
nothing special bout him/her
-my demon character-

hurmm, i like to be reject
so i’ll have sad memory, and i can rewind it and remind myself  that precious feeling
can you think, it would be so boring if your life just full with happiness
do you agree ?
you’re too sad
then you cry
after that you’ll feel better won’t experience such thing if your life full with happy event

so when i saw that girl or boy...hah this person, i remember him/her, they make me cry, so i won’t allow them into my circle, eventhough they already change, and become nice person. Not my problem if you're nice!!!! ahahaha.

so, i’ll be like please reject me ahahaha, so i could hate you and get angry, and leave you, and i’ll enjoy my alone time without feeling guilty. Look at sky, smile at wind, enjoy my lovely food. Say i love you to all cute animal. My life just perfect. And counting time for my life to end. I want to keep all my memory, sad and happy, they’re precious to me...

p/s: ya..i think heaven/hell also will be boring for me...
i love God...i love Him

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