Tuesday, May 17, 2016

don't let me go

i love this song...
it feel like wow..
beautiful song and lyric

i appreciate beautiful and honest song so much
love you ^^

 Where do we go when we walk on light?
Who do we call at the edge of night?

Carry me close like the tear drops in your eyes
All I can give you is memories

Carry them with you and I'll never leave

I'll lay my head down
But when I lay my head down

You can't see me
But you still feel me
I only live in your memories
I mean something
Your everything

p/s: ofc i don't watch vampire story
cause it's so freaking scary...
and i'm thinking why they drink blood and why they bite?
why they hurt people >_<!!!! why you;re so bad
if you want to drink blood you just need to..well just go to hospital
and ask people to help..cause you need blood...if not you die!
so vampire can be consider as patient with fatal illness/diseases
lot of people will donate their blood ahahahaha

my logic kah kah kah

in my childhood i love ghost story so much... the most favourite story after cartoon -____-!!!
i don't mind about ghost
i love people telling me about ghost story
and the small sweet girl will laugh
cause she love ghost...weird little girl  
and when she have to used toilet at night
mom,dad, cousin, aunt ..she will wake one of them to accompany her
cause it;s so scary to be alone

don't ever show me ghost story cause...

i have to stay awake at night
and have to walk alone at night
don't give me bad memory
it'll keep repeating in my mind
cannot focus

so...i don't watch ghost movie anymore

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