Saturday, May 14, 2016


when you start to wonder about your ancestor history or maybe about your own history
all the sign will appear to help you reveal the truth

ok… like mine…it begin with my intention to know the truth
and hear/listen to my heart
ya…meditation is needed, it help you to focus…to calm the chaos of our own thought…
or whatever you believe in..
ok..will tell you another fairy tale of me

and i found…some people…they have duality/or more within themselves

i mean…one character is you in the now time…one more character was from the ancient time
a lot of them try to hide that weird thing from common people

only when they found the person with the same situation as them, the character from ancient time will try to speak and not hiding anymore. It speak and tell you, what is happening in the ancient time. hurmmm.

no, it’s not genie…or ghost (i’ll explain this later or maybe don’t want to explain it ahahaha) 

no, its not like being haunted by something. They will speak like normal person, and when one another character want to speak, it will speak through the same person. Just ofc their character, totally different from you in the now -___-!!

its not like the disease or bipolar disorder or whatsoever. Cause everything is in the right place and organize, they work, they have family, complete life like normal people. If they’ve religion, they will do what their religion told them to do.

ok, i make you watch yu-gi-oh. One is he in the now, and another is he from the past. Ya totally the same. hehe…-___-!!! cartoon explain a lot.

if in this pokemon can learn a lot from hoopa.... is something like this...
but only with different change in physical lol
such you're 30 years and another character maybe 150 years old it by yourself..gather all information ahahaha

oh..when the older/ancient one speak...the one from now also listen and in conscious state 
not like..being haunted by ghost and lost consciousness huhu
that is not fake
it's up to you to believe or not..not my problem wakakakakaka

me? hurmmm, i don’t have such thing, i just like to write fairytale ahaha, and write. But friend and people around me. Also my family. Like i told you before, the clue, sometime, the clue isn’t look like clue, cause they’re in your own family, someone close to you. LOOK LIKE NORMAL PERSON.

They hiding it! -___-!! and when they(from ancient)  talk/speak to you, they smile… Freaking scary O_O!! and sometime your clue, doesn’t know they’re the clue. Cause they don’t want to know the truth. It’s just not their time to wake up from their dream. 

Ya i just study their pattern, their face, their character. Cause i want to know. Why they’re like that? What happen to them. Why i born in such surrounding? and a lot of why..y.yyyyyy..yyy. Cause i’m y generation…AHAHA

me: mom..why you don’t ask about that to your father?

mom: i don’t feel like asking anything…i don’t know what to ask.

me: it’s just a waste…if me…i’ll ask a lot of thing..yyyyyyyyy (in heart: this is weird, cause if mom want to know the truth, i think from beginning she will start to search for it. but…)

mom: ya..i’m not like you…

me: but why… why you don’t want to know about the secret…or anything that explain about this world and our very existence..

mom: cause i think…god hide it and make me forget about my memory (before being born into this world) so maybe it is something that i can’t bear to remember. Or something that i don’t want to remember..ahahaha (then she laugh)

me: ok (in heart: phewww…her answer quite the same as my dark friend explain to me. Dark friend said, some people just don’t want to know,  the truth hurt, so it’s better for them, to just forget about it, but the life won’t stop from eternity, infinity, just the strongest will bear to know the truth, and still live as human on the earth)

ya..i just crazy..sometime i laugh, sometime angry, sad, smile.. (ya my character kah kah kah) and my role is to tell you, so you’ll have some clue.

p/s: just remember, they’re all crazy, don’t take it to heart hurmmm, calm yourself. Slowly solve your mystery. I tell you about the duality in their character, they from now and they from past ancient. Cause,my heart believe it, i see it with my eyes, i hear it with my own ears, and they’re in front of me. I don’t tell you, something that i don’t know. It’s just a pieces of puzzle. Maybe you hold another puzzle..Don’t rush…this eternity this infinity life all yours. Time…Time…Time…there is no waste of time actually. 

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