Wednesday, May 4, 2016

another fairy tale: little girl 2

hurmm..the worst thing that i ever forgive in my life?
i forgive people who want to kill me with knife…could you manage to do that?
easier said than done? (if they could do it...war will end)
forgiveness isn’t easy and to accept such people into our life, you bleeding inside
physical and mental
but we win, they love us and give their loyalty
ya..i should appreciate that…at least you try to be nice…

ya…that’s why my forgiveness lead to my awakening process
my patience

hurmmm maybe that’s why aunt’s fierce cat like me and don’t like another people
they feel comfortable with me, i guess
and maybe that’s why friend like to hug me…unconscious mind
they try to comfort you, even though they don’t know  what happen to you

ya, it wasn’t easy…during my process to heal…i keep caught in nightmare

p/s: ahahahaha…relax….it’s just i got special training from special people. why they treat me like boy sigh~ you want me to become warrior or what wakakakaka aish -___-!! i love me. how it feel when such dark creature love you?ewwww i don’t need it …please stay far away from me, if you miss me…just look me from far. Don’t try to get close to me!!!! Maybe, you should just disappear. i feel comfortable with light creature. -___-!!my lighthouse huhu already got my forgiveness…don’t ask more than that! enough… i want to be free..yeay. ahaha crazy

p/s: it feel like telling you fairy tale ^^ ....maybe you should believe it as my fairy tale
cause i myself, don't believe i pass through all that feel like she already dead that time...even when i hit my head at doesn't feel anything...

p/s: i'm bad..believe's just training for me, to control my anger, i guess...
and at the same time...teach me..not to be afraid with weapon or death....... 
and be immune with pain ahahaha...

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