Friday, April 22, 2016


it come again...the feeling that i can't describe
it feel so sad...ya from time to time it will come

do you know how it feel?

only when i sat with them... they might understand it
cause i and them... we share the same feeling

it's a kind of longing...

ok...already feel a little bit better's fleeting come and go
so sudden...

it feel like..something come and whisper to your heart
you can't describe it with word yet you understand it clearly...

this feeling make you want to lie down and look at sky
if you're in room it make you want to stare at ceiling or wall...
stare and listen to the fan sound and not say a word
it's empty...

ya the same feeling when you lie down in darkness and sleep
isn't it comfy and calm?

p/s: the end ahahahaha crazy

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