Thursday, February 25, 2016

friend coming...

today friend will stay at my room...
she need to settle something at UKM

i think she still in the bus...

about 6, 5 hours from there.. hmmm

ohhh she nearly arrive already hmmm


ya feel so happy to meet with her again..
nope, she came with train..only took 2 hour hmmm

p/s: hmmm dear love...
if you miss should tell me...

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

my acery lappy baby die!

i'm using two acer lappy

black acer aspire 4732Z- 7 years old already (my fav lappy- it doesn't gave me a lot of hard time)
(this is second time..i need to repair it...) tomorrow gonna do something with my baby


airy blue acer aspire v5-122 touch screen...hmmm i think it is 3 or 2 years old
YA..this one is a lil bit sensitive...but i still like it


i think i need more lappy
the more the merrier -____-!!!

for typing only
for game only
for editing video only...

i wish i have ten lappy muahahahahaha :P

Sunday, February 21, 2016

fire element

Everything in creation is energy, known as CHI, the Life Force energy within everything. The power of Chi is undeniable, scientifically proven, and can be used to heal, defend, protect and manifest. John Chang is an extraordinary man from Java. He is not superhuman. John and other masters like him, have simply devoted their lives to understanding and harnessing the power of Chi within us all. They show us what we are all capable of.Here is the video of a Real Life Fire Bender.

air, fire, earth, water

fire master
air master..


have a nice day :P


what is war?
let i tell you bout sky
cause i don't know bout war huhuhuhuhu


Sunday, February 14, 2016

lucid dream


lucid dream:

-you're aware that you're dreaming
-dreamer is aware that she/he is dreaming
-you know that you're dreaming


i bet she could sing in Japanese...
 ^^ yeay..go go life...
this life is a game...

fact that i cannot accept -_____-!!!!
i mean..not so be in the game

don't get exhausted hmmmm...ahahahaha

what am i blabbering -___-!!
the door is open...
you can come and stay...
if not, don't come...!!!
don't come in if you don't wanna stay...
just need to get out before you could step inside...
if i could..
i would kill you 

don't waste my time
for unnecessary thing

i don't like dirty heart ahahahahahahahaha
hmmmm o human....


ok..not my problem :P

Monday, February 8, 2016

i miss...


this feeling...



i can't put it into word...

i miss that place...

i miss that voice...


that voice
sometime he whisper into this ears
language...that i don't even know...
is it a curse?


is it an ancient language?

p/s: fairytale time wakakakaka's cold
but i need to take morning bath..ok ganbatteni..


i'm freezing...

ya lately...
idk...but here kl...
the weather is cold
i'm freezing


gong xi fa cai



Sunday, February 7, 2016

h.y 83


- Mr. Adnan, in every human cell, there is a DNA molecule with a length of 2 meters, and the size of a cell is only 3-5 microns. One micron is only one thousandth of a millimeter. This means that a DNA strand, a DNA molecule is two hundred thousand times longer than the cell it is located inside. It somehow fits inside the nucleus of the cell. God has created the perfect system for it. We can explain how amazing this is, with the following example: If the cell was as big as a basketball, then the DNA would be 230 kilometers in length. Let's say we are given two, fish lines, each 230-kilometer-long and we are asked to fold it to look like a double helix and fit it inside the basketball. It has to be done so correctly, when a protein has to be synthesized, the enzymes should be able to unzip it and begin the copying process. Obviously, it is an incredibly difficult thing. Yet, this constantly occurs inside of the cell without us even noticing it. The system that makes all these possible is a structure named nucleosome inside the nucleus; they resemble a ball of yarn that is wound onto a spool. DNA is wrapped around these structures. And each cell contains twenty five million nucleosomes. Proteins make these spools, in other words the nucleosomes, it is the proteins that make these spools to be wound with the DNA, they also monitor the wounding process. They help all these processes. God has put this perfect system inside the human body, Masha'Allah.

BULENT SEZGIN: This is just for one cell. Human body contains a hundred trillion cells. If we were to line all the DNA molecules [inside the human body] side by side, it would cover the distance between the earth and the moon 600 times.

ADNAN OKTAR: If everyone comprehended only this, there would be no unbeliever left in the world. Only this would be enough. We should prepare movies so that it can be understood. People might not understand it very well by reading it, but we can tell them with a movie. But it has to be explained over and over again. If someone with a soul fully understands the mechanism of this, it is impossible for him to not to believe in God. They would definitely believe in God. Because the technological and engineering wonders here cannot be explained with any computers or technical tools.

The quality of the structure, the engineering, the superiority presents itself in everything. For instance, we can see it in the life of bees, in their honey making. Molecule has a mind of its own. We think that the head of the bee is small, its brain is even smaller, half the size of a pinhead. How can it act so smart with such a tiny brain? But the intelligence of a molecule is even greater than the mind of that animal. Molecule has a higher intelligence. But these facts should be explained over and over again. When the intelligence of a bee and a molecule are compared, the bee is million times smarter than the human but the molecule is million times smarter than the bee. Everything is ruled by an amazing wisdom. But people do not dwell upon, think about or concentrate on it enough. Human mind cannot stay focused on something for more than a minute. Our concentration span is only thirty seconds. We got bored and tired, give up pretty quickly. We should increase our persistence. If one understands these facts, then he can have an incredible faith. Only this topic [alone could ensure that.]

BULENT SEZGIN: Mr. Adnan, there is a protein called antifreeze glycoprotein in the blood of the fish that live in the poles, it prevents the ice crystals from forming in the blood. Despite the researches, the scientists can't solve the mechanism behind this protein yet.

ADNAN OKTAR: The blood does not get frozen right?

BULENT SEZGIN: Yes, teacher, it does not get frozen even in minus sixty degrees Celsius. It has such a purpose, Masha'Allah. And it is only a protein.


Fish frozen

I've encountered a clip on Youtube showing a goldfish thrown in liquid nitrogen and immediately after to normal water and swimming normally. In the explanation to the clip it says:
For everyone that is worried about the goldfish, it survived and was perfectly fine until we fed him and a few of his friends to our turtles. (Which is what they were bought for in the first place!)
I am wondering now as to several issues.

If the goldfish wasn't fed to the turtles and was allowed to live out its life, would it suffer any long term damages from the act?

Is time an issue here, if the fish was kept frozen for a longer time, would it suffer more damage and would it be able to be revived?

Is the size and nature of the fish's body a factor? Would a larger animal or an animal with better resistance to frost that would take more time to completely freeze have damage due to gradual freezing of body and systems?

Does the fact that fish have cold blood affect the result of the experiment?



"Fish may now by frozen stiff at a temperature of -20 degrees centigrade, left in that condition for several hours, and then brought back to life as spry as ever by a little warm water," declares Dr. Nicholai Borodin, curater of fishes at the Peabody Museum. When the fish is frozen, it goes into a state which corresponds very much to that of an animal's hibernation, except that the fish at this time does not breathe at all, but is kept alive by some unknown vital force. How long the fish can be kept alive in a frozen state, Dr. Borodin has not yet found out.

In J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, the novel’s troubled anti-hero, Holden Caulfield, gets into a strange discussion with a cab driver in New York City. Wondering what happens to the fish when a large pond in New York’s Central Park freezes over for the winter, the agitated cabbie informs Holden that the fish freeze right along with the pond. When the ice melts, the fish thaw out and go on their way.

Can fish and other aquatic creatures really survive in a state of suspended animation until spring? The surprising answer is yes, sometimes. It is true that some fish can spend the winter frozen in ice and come out swimming once the ice melts. Not all fish get caught in the ice, of course. Ponds and lakes freeze from the top down, meaning that beneath the icy surface there is usually a layer of liquid water where fish swim.
But what about fish that are caught in the ice? It stands to reason that the extreme cold would damage the fish’s tissue, effectively killing it. Like all cells, fish cells contain saline, or salt water. Since salt water has a lower freezing point than pure water, even when encased in ice at thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit, cold-water fish are not technically frozen. Moreover, some fish contain a kind of antifreeze substance that allows them to survive very cold conditions.

Much like bears and other hibernating animals, some ice-bound fish are able to shut down basic bodily functions, slow their metabolism, and enter a dormant state. Cold but not frozen, these fish bide their time until spring, when the ice disappears.


p/s: hmmm i remember verse in quran surah al-Kahfi (the cave) said about fish
i just it snowy at such time...and they brought frozen fish with them as their meal?
winter? and then...the place where they went...wasn't a cold that's why fish alive/woke up from
(sleep/faint/hibernation) and jump into the sea hmmmm

ahahaha..i just thinking...

this story:

Moses took a fish and put it in a basket and proceeded along with his (servant) boy, Joshua (Yusha Ibn Nun), till they reached the rock where they laid their heads (i.e. lay down). Moses slept, and the fish, moving out of the basket, fell into the sea. It took its way into the sea (straight) as in a tunnel. link

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Untuk duduk harmoni dalam matrix kita kena patuhi sistem matrix.. setiap perkara yang kita buat mesti fikir keseimbangan supaya dapat sync dengan universe.. tapi untuk keluar dari keterikatan matrix.. (mati sebelum mati).. kita kena hiject seluruh sistem matrix.. segala yang membawa kepada ujian cause & effect ( opposite attraction ) kita kena delete.. segala duality kena kembali pada kesedaran centrix @ keASAan..

p/s: yup..agree
p/s: hmmm takpe...kalau tak dapat keluar pun...
nikmatilah matrik...senyum..tenangkan diri...
alam keabadian itu bertempat dihati yang tenang
wahai jiwa2 yang tenang...kembalilah 

kalau jiwa tak tenang2 hmmm...takpe nanti tenanglah wakakakakaka adoi -___-!!!
hingat Tuhan tu kejam keh..

macam mana nak tenang?
oh senang je...
kenallah hakikat diri...kemudian semuanya akan bersandar pada diri yang asli

berlakon je lebih ish~!!!!
padahal dalam hati berbunga2 sayang kah kah kah

ya lakonan itu perlu...untuk mendidik
untuk jiwa2 menjadi matang...untuk belajar...untuk memahami...dan akhirnya redha dengan diri sendiri


p/s: menyampah pula dengan si hitam acah2 kejam tu wakakakakaka..

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Goldman Sachs

hmmmm..for real..this is the very first time i heard about this G.S!!
i don't like economy issue...that isn't my problem anyways
i just love enjoying my rest, peaceful, loving time ahahaha



ok..thanks dear... chapter

hmmmmmm...see..i took lot of hour to read..already near to 4 am
aish..k bye

p/s: how i feel..hmmmm
still i feel like punching his face!!! it won't change anything at all...
so...please don't appear front of me!!! la~la~la~la~la

biar bersaing...jangan sekutu..nanti banyak kutu...!!!