Thursday, December 31, 2015

moon fairytale 3

Aihara: inao..i know what happen in that time....i mean when we lost one of the moon. That old men said something about it..i just forgot..

Inao: do you remember?

Aihara: nope...i didn’t fully gain my memory...but we lost our Atlantis at that time. The sea level rose, was horrible. The change of Earth gravity make it worst, it pull down ice-ring from the space,and the whole Earth cover in huge flood. Tsunami

yura: hmmm...

Aihara: it is sooooo sad :(  T T 

inao: see..
yura: let her be inao..that is her nature...
aihara: sorry..i didn’t meant to cry...ya..let my memory coming slowly in fragment...
inao: be strong Aihara...

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

old mansion! beautiful

this one look like hmmmm
a lot of anime have this kind of building lalalala fantasy game..yeay

O_O!! gluppp

feel like seeing horse...with rider ahahahaha

this is a lil bit not scary picture hehe

something like in petite princess yucie  hehe

this one look like..old school in shakugan no shana wakakakaka
or in the irregular of magical high school
or hayate the combat butler

hmmmm card captor sakura's school also can kikkiki

p/s: i always see this kind of building in anime...
kind of familiar hehe...cartoon

sometime school building can be soooo nostalgic

Monday, December 28, 2015

One day you will understand that you’re alone

article link


and family and friend..will come to me and says...

’Are you mad? You’ve got us!’

why my reality is so different from yours hmmmm...
hmmm dear family n friends...

i don't understand...

i'm all alone...hmmm talking to myself...

Saturday, December 26, 2015

reading: my prefect bride n my prefect groom

here the link
motivation for marriage bahahaha

this story make the reader feel like

I have already lost the will to marry
I want a divorce

but is a good story

it begin with:

good morning my newly wedded bride
why so sleepy, didn't you already sleep enough?
you know i'm starting to getting worried that you might never wake up

well why are we playing? you know you deserved it
now why are you crying, you think that i would fall for those tears
oh does it still hurt love, let me take care of you
we are going to have so much fun

and yeah i forgot to tell you welcome to married life 
glup O_O stay psycho ahahaha

and continue with my perfect groom:

so here we go again
i was a groom once 
and i had prefect bride
but now she's dead

and i am all alone in this dark night
i stand alone in the dark abyss of my mind
with no one to hold my hand

i finally know 
no one can replace her ever
because i'm a dark soul
claimed by the devil himself
for i'm the murderer of my own wife

there's nothing more scarier to me
than my own reflection in the mirror

so you see this is why you're here
i plan to give a reason to your life
well you see my love it's quit simple
i'll be your everything and you'll be mine

so it's settled now
you'll be my new bride 
and then i'll be your dark knight
after all what's the meaning of the word "groom" ?
without a bride... 

p/s:ofc..this is a horror story -_____-!!!!
ya..when i think it...
this is the reality of the world right of psycho
enjoy the story :P

i knew nothing but shadows and i thought them to be real
the more real you get..the more unreal the world gets


Thursday, December 24, 2015


the outside is merely a reflection of the inner realms