Thursday, September 24, 2015


ya..what he/she done to you is ridiculous..insane!!!
the past is the past...already end

so..if they become rude to you in this present life...
teach them back.. “not to be rude..with dark you ^^”
i don’t care with your love 

it is okay to hate someone for no reason...that is your subconscious mind/memory
memory doesn’t know past, present stay the same

you just need to control...we’re professional dear, keep calm, and work hard
don’t beg for anyone to stay...if they come and stay..that’s their choice and problem

kadang2 aku setuju dengan dirinya yang memakai wajah dendam...itu lebih baik untuk meneruskan hidup yang tiada kesudahan ini...itulah jiwa2 hitam yang kuat...bukan si lemah yang asyik menangis...

focus on yourself...
avoid your enemy...
don’t talk to them...

p/s: make sure i see you on screen...and become someone important hmmmm...not useless
p/s: hi lovely enemy don't fall for me...
cause you don't know..what will i do to you...

seronoknya jadi kejam ^^

^^ happy birthday

happy birthday to myself
i love me...
already 24 years old huhu thousand years old already haha..this is right

 p/s: my birthday on eid adha
thanks mom..i love you...
i hope you'll always be near me

Saturday, September 19, 2015


she help a lot of dog

Malaysia need to love dog more
and care..

like they care about cat


can you help me T_T

they want to kill all my dog...
and i'm not happy at all
(sign this petition)


Today I hugged my dogs. I hugged them wishing I could hug and comfort every single stray dog in Penang that are now on death row. Hundreds to thousand of innocent lives to be snuffed out, all because of 2, only 2, cases of rabies, suspected to have been spread from Thailand since Malaysia has been rabies frees for decades. 

The decision to cull was certainly made of fear. Yes, rabies kills people and does so in an unpleasant manner. Unfortunately it was also made out of ignorance and the sad mentality that the lives of 'lesser animals' are not worth sacrificing our convenience for. Rabies has existed in Thailand, Indonesia and our neighbouring SE countries all this time. Bali, in particular, has a high rate of death cases due to rabies, 12 people this year alone. That is, however, nothing compared to the 30,033 cases of dengue, including 95 deaths, reported in Malaysia just between January to March 2015 alone. And you don't see Malaysians freaking out and running to hospitals when they get bitten by a mosquito. The risk of getting bitten by a rabid dog, especially since the number of cases are small, is infinitely less.

Dr. Francois Meslin of the WHO said, “Dog culling has never had a significant impact on rabies reduction or dog population density anywhere in the world. Only vaccination of at least 70% of the dogs will eradicate rabies.” World Heath Organization studies show that if 70% of dogs are vaccinated against rabies, the epidemic will quickly die out. Hence, Bali has moved from culling dogs in Bali to mass vaccinations, with vaccines donated by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). Even in the India which we mostly deem as less developed than Malaysia, the Mission Rabies organization successfuly vaccinated 60,000 dogs in 10 Indian cities in 30 days.

Dear, Lim Guan Eng, please do some research and consider the facts before continuing your simplistic, rash and heartless decision to end hundreds to thousands of innocent lives because of TWO cases. Work together with animals welfare NGOs, ask for assistance from the WHO and the WSPA to get vaccinations, and focus energy on vaccinating rather than culling, especially since culling has been proven by the WHO to be INEFFECTIVE in irradicating rabies. Donations will come from Malaysians all over the country to support a vaccination program, and since you have the people deployed to kill, those same people can be deployed to vaccinate the strays. In the meantime, Penangites should be educated to avoid contact with strays, to keep their pets away from strays and to be able to identiy symptoms of a rabid dog and report it when seen.

Fellow dog lovers, don't leave it to the government. Be responsible pet owners. Vaccinate your pets to protect from diseases, and spay them to prevent the needless breeding of dogs, creating more strays that suffer in the streets, sometimes being abused by cruel people, and now being rounded up to die.
I don't pull my facts out of thin air. Read my sources and share:


3 of my dogs that were strays before I adopted them. Adopted stray dogs make wonderful and loyal pets, as they appreciate the better life compared to the one on the streets. They are intelligent, have unique personalities like children, and love me as much I love them. I believe most stray dogs are equally intelligent and loving to people, if they had the chance to prove it. Don't take away their that chance over a risk that can be controlled.

vet said...they'll make all my dog sleep first
and then kill em..
but i don't want it to happen like that...
i don't want them to kill my dog...
i sleep while crying..

p/s: stupid human

Friday, September 18, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


my yuuya in egypt story -___-!!!
oh no...

Monday, September 7, 2015

last semester 2015

Bil Kod Kursus Nama Kursus Set Kursus Taraf Kursus Tarikh Daftar Gugur Kursus Jadual Waktu (Hari - Masa Mula - Bil jam - Bilik)
 1  PPPJ1123  AL-NAHW WA AL-SARF I  1  WJ  07-09-2015 Khamis -02:00 PM-2-DK2.102ATMA
 2  PPPJ3534  LATIHAN ILMIAH  1  WJ  07-09-2015 Rujuk Fakulti-11:00 PM-1-RUJUK FAKULTI
 3  PPPY1142  MAHARAT AL-ISTIMA' WA AL-FAHM  1  WF  07-09-2015 Isnin -10:00 AM-2-BT 4.4052 PP
Rabu -04:00 PM-2-BT 4.4052 PP
Jumlah Unit : 9've to do this

good luck dear...
 Semester 1 Sesi 20152016
 Hari  Masa  Bil Jam  Kursus  Tajuk Kursus  Set Kursus  Bilik
 Rujuk Fakulti  11:00 PM  1  PPPJ3534  LATIHAN ILMIAH  1  RUJUK FAKULTI
 Isnin  10:00 AM  2  PPPY1142  MAHARAT AL-ISTIMA' WA AL-FAHM  1  BT 4.4052 PP
 Rabu  04:00 PM  2  PPPY1142  MAHARAT AL-ISTIMA' WA AL-FAHM  1  BT 4.4052 PP
 Khamis  02:00 PM  2  PPPJ1123  AL-NAHW WA AL-SARF I  1  DK2.102ATMA
Bil Kod Kursus Tajuk Kursus Set Taraf Status Tkh Daftar Jadual Waktu
Format [ Hari : Waktu (Bil Jam) {Bilik Kuliah} ]
1 PPPJ1123 AL-NAHW WA AL-SARF I 1 WJ DAFTAR 07/09/2015 Khamis  : 02:00 PM (2)
2 PPPJ3534 LATIHAN ILMIAH 1 WJ DAFTAR 07/09/2015 Rujuk Fakulti : 11:00 PM (1)
3 PPPY1142 MAHARAT AL-ISTIMA' WA AL-FAHM 1 WF DAFTAR 07/09/2015 Isnin  : 10:00 AM (2)
{BT 4.4052 PP} Rabu  : 04:00 PM (2)
{BT 4.4052 PP}

Friday, September 4, 2015

welcome to this world

Dear nephew
You 4/9 2015 friday
Me 24/9
Big bro 9/4

At 5.59 pm

28 kg 53 cm

familiar hmm ^^

p/s: ^^ hehe...
Congratulation big sis..n lil boy