Saturday, August 29, 2015

picture always...


Actually she isn't ok
Big sis told me...
Sometime her kitty got so scared with him..
Like she don't know muffin..lost her mind.  And mad at him like crazy

Muffin like her..
She doesn't like muffin..

me: i think your cat scare with muffin's eye
Big sis: muffin don't look n follow bell..she scare
Muffin: he don't do anything wrong..why she mad at me..

p/s: At last...big sis took muffin to sleep with her..cause bella can't look at him..she angry for no reason...

What wrong with this kitten..with people or us...she nice with us..with muffin, she is not nice huhu...

muffin n bell

I give them bath huhu


Friday, August 28, 2015


this morning i felt something cold on my nose
i open my eyes and i saw O_O muffin!!!!
it put it nose at my nose and snifff sniff sniff
thanks God he doesn’t jump on my face -___-!!!!
maybe i’ll faint  if it do that to  me..he big..bell small..3 time his size


p/s: inao...

Thursday, August 27, 2015



when i miss someone...
i feel like "crazy"
i miss..miss..a lot of missing

i gonna hug bell bell...
she like bell sound/ringing suitable with her name..she is soooo smallllll

i'll be back to uni...
4 month more..this January 2016...i'll finish my study
and after that...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

which uni..should i choose...

me: mom...i want uni...just a step from this house...
mom:-___-!!!!! the nearest uni from still far from home....

i don't want to go anywhere.....

p/s: i'm homesick....never feel like this before...
kenapa bila dah besar baru ada homesick ni aishhhhhhhh


last song

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


today bella pull out muffin’s whisker..muffin lose his whisker

me: haha (big laugh)
big sis: muffin don’t get close with bella...soon you’ll lose all your whisker
is it hurt???? bella why you do that...???
muffin reply: meow..meow while staring at big sis
bella: ...

muffin didn’t listen to big sis..he like that kitten..
same as you big like that kitten...

p/s: bell..bell as long you’re nice with me..i’m okay haha..i love you
p/s: muffin have that kind of look..when he look at’ll have that kind of O_O
..ghost...we call that as sharp eyes -____-!!!!!
p/s: bell..bell just a kitten...awww cutie..fluffy..fluffy..fluffy

Monday, August 24, 2015


i think bella falling in love with me bwahaha

she took her toy into my room -___- dog carrying ball
see..i like something..that something will come to me
ya.. power of love is strong
just don’t forget

opposite than love also...not bad
don’t deny your dark side... ^^
part of you and me

p/s: bella...i won’t mind..cause you’re tiny,cute kitten
i won't harm you 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

N wooooo


for boy:
yup..everyone in my team..
should treat their girl like this
you hurt any of them...
i promise you..
i send hurricane to you ^^

for girl:
take care of yourself
don't be stupid
i only like strong girl :) :P
you're weak...

p/s: their time already end
this is our time...
so use our rule huhu

p/s: your lovely dark princess

we're not his enemy... :P it just our rule is different

cya..nite fairytale..apa yang aku merepek ni hihi


Bella sleep in big bro room
ofc i close my room door... i don't want her jumping on my face

Muffin take care of mom n daughter ^^ haha maybe he feel pity with her..cause she is away from choco her mom n sibling tam
Muffin already getting old

Bella like my room n laptop sooo much

Friday, August 21, 2015

big sis 1

big sis is home now...
ya...she bring that two monster home hehe kidding
no actually..bella is nice with me..with her fluffy grey fur..she is so cute and can’t stop running
and muffin like to teach her a lot of ridiculous thing -___-!!!
(information from big sis)
but still i have to be careful with them...
if not...they will clawing me... -___-!!!

mom and big sis leg and muffin nose..full with scar haha

big sis: better for along to close his room cause at night both of them turn to be.... (i guess monster)
p/s: yup better to close my door too...

20 days..before new comer coming into this world
good luck boy and don’t call me aunty (call me sis)..kidding...

p/s:o God...bella found my room..she sneak under cupboard...under bedroom...and then meowwwww at me cause i give her a kiss....she is a small kitten...i do understand you muffin feel responsible to take care of her...haha..good luck muffin. if you jump on my laptop again...i’ll jump back on you!!!..oppppssss

ya -___-!!! she already like my room...
why cat always like me????????
maybe i’m princess of all animal

 p/s: the answer is bad eyes....


Thursday, August 20, 2015

are you okay??



don't feel sad...
i love you...
be strong

i love joy

she is so wonderful
and with all her friend...they make the world complete

long term memory ^^


even i can't handle her...


i want to watch inside out


no dear

ya..i'll always do this to you... opppsss (my bad mouth) dog is cute..don't worry
i'm very arrogant...don't you know??? and unpredictable

today..i thought i want to tell you about that "secret" mood changing again
you want to play the'll play with you
you'll keep coming back to me...????????????

pity have a lovely heart
you just a lil bit late... friend with yourself...suitable with you


that is your fault...
not me...
why falling in love with crazy me?

i always love me ^^

cuba lihat..hebatkan lakonan aku...

p/s: sis..i feel so sad..
i'll be waiting for you
thanks..cause you stay...
i still want to see this world..
ya..i treat them badly haha...
didn't suitable to be a leader....

i'll be stranger and waiting for you

i love you

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

miss me

Reading time :)
Bella interested with ant

Big sis due date 10/9

Cya i love me

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Queens of Langkasuka

i'll watch this movie >___<
can't wait

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ribut di sekitar bangunan MITI

a beautiful picture and prayer

KEADAAN di depan bangunan di Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri (MITI), Kuala Lumpur yang dilanda ribut sebentar tadi. - Foto Aizuddin Saad


Wednesday, August 12, 2015


cause it taste like chocolate...
i eat so many chocolate...
about 3 bottle already O_O!!!
see i'm crazy with chocolate yummmm..yummmm...yummmmm

in one bottle..maybe 100 ball/round dark chocolate -____-!!!!
can't stop..i love it sooooooooooooooooooooooo much

Monday, August 10, 2015

let's begin

Suffering in Silence - completion time

a final letting go of what has been holding you back and sabotaging you in your life and it may have felt like a long time coming! Ask yourself if you are really ready to step into your truth and have a good look at those beliefs and old experiences that have been dragging you down and stopping you from making progress in your life, know that you are worthy of this! You may find that you are afraid to take the first step to becoming who you are truly meant to be, but know that once you clear up all of the stuff that has been dragging you down that you are going to feel much lighter.

Familiarity is something that often keeps us stuck, and now is a time for you to be taking action towards your goals and getting the dead wood out of the way.

Change is often unsettling but start affirming that it is exciting and you will soon transform those nerves into hopeful anticipation of what is to come.

She had finally given into her dark side
It had become the only way to find her light

She embraced it with all she had left
There was nothing there in light of day

The warmth of the sun had been taken away
As the shadows crept towards her

She reached out to them, her heart ached
There to find the peace so long she has missed

In the morning light, she long to cry
The brightness was too much for her eyes

Like a creature of the night
It was like a blinding light

Long had she cried, long had she died inside
Within the pains that wouldn’t let go

So she reached into the soft darkness
And found there something others feared

The whispers of spirits
The songs of the gods

Within the dark embracing night
Where the stars lit her way

Morgaine RW © 05feb2015

Artist of image unknown ---