Friday, October 31, 2014


death and life 
ya the time is already set up...don't be afraid
don't feel weak

once you're true/pure light...non will touch you
once you're true/pure dark...non will touch you

ofc..they're foe and can't come along together
and i says...two of them are lover
tragical lover -___- o gosh

cause when you sit/stay between them
it feel so crazy -____-
but somehow feel so calm

no..don't make it small..don't look it through any religion
because everyone will say they're light and their opponent is dark
you must look at human, look at subject...
without human there will be no religion

the first task at first stage of religion is to know God
lot of human they're so fool don't even know their self and God
and all the disaster start to occur
murder, suicide, and all the worst thing (they're too weak and too crazy..feel so pity)

cause this is "love reign" and all the big character will appear
this knowledge is reveal once again to create the balance
so, world will come to harmony once again until.... ^^
it doommmmmm once again -___-

ooo...okey i'll make example...Prophet Moses
one of complete human being...he have to lead lot of fool people! haha

one day, the angel of death come and say to him
"i'll take your life..."
and he punch this angel face O__O
ya..then Allah fix back..the angel face
angel of death say
"Ya Allah you send him..and he don't want to die and he punch me" T_T
(dear cute angel..people hate you so sorry)

you do just like that...
he also angry at i told you before
(i think...if he is not patient...Adam face will be the next target)
(i too angry at Adam...but after knowing God..ya i forgive him)

- so if we look at subject "human" what will happen?
-and why a lot of people are too weak right now?

hmmm..inside of them exist light and dark. ya God create light and dark
light: faith, all the kindness...all the beauty
dark: opposite

and they become weak cause they mixture it...maybe like 30%  vs 80%
40% vs 60% or we call it hypocrite or rotten heart

if pure dark see this kind of people...they will kill them all and only leave behind 100 % light
pure dark always be a very big figure
pure light also a very big figure
they're not helping each other but Allah make it that ways
each of them reminding each other...until the test is complete
awwwww this transient world....this one minute world stage performance

dear beginner of light,  without dark test will you complete your faith?
or you'll trap/caught between light and dark? (hypocrite)
don't you remember Allah says (Spider/al-Ankabut)

Sahih International
Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We believe" and they will not be tried?

Yusuf Ali
Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, "We believe", and that they will not be tested?

Sahih International
But We have certainly tried those before them, and Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the liars.

Yusuf Ali
We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false.

Sahih International
Or do those who do evil deeds think they can outrun Us? Evil is what they judge.

Yusuf Ali
Do those who practise evil think that they will get the better of Us? Evil is their judgment!

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

29:1 I, Allah, am the best Knower.
29:2 Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, We believe, and will not be tried?
29:3 And indeed We tried those before them, so Allah will certainly know those who are true
and He will know the liars.
29:4 Or do they who work evil think that they will escape Us? Evil is it that they judge!
29:5 Whoever hopes to meet with Allah, the term of Allah is then surely coming. And
He is the Hearing, the Knowing.
29:6 And whoever strives hard, strives for himself. Surely Allah is Self-sufficient, above
(need of) (His) creatures.
29:7 And those who believe and do good, We shall certainly do away with their afflictions
and reward them for the best of what they did.

when you become the true will know who is true dark
and they just do their duty...they play their role and rule

-how about try balance the dark and light inside..cause it already exist?

100% light and 100% dark in oneself...(ya your beloved he... he master this knowledge)
knowing God, this only for certain people. how you can be strong after
you mixture it? it is a very complicated way. And most of them failed. Maybe if you have
a very strong love. God will give you this secret knowledge. Better not to know it

and if pure dark or pure light know this...they'll not tell it to people..
ya..just keep your secret...don't be shy ^^  i won't tell it to anyone

ya...first be people of love...
ya i love love me...we're all a very happy family la~la~la
ya...sweep all the mess in you...fix yourself first...and you don't have to care for people
first you have to fix all the shitt in you!!!!!!!!!!...clear and clean heart from rotten heart
change your heart... all they holy book...practice kindness
if you're Quran
if you're Bible
if you're Torah
and all the believer of God
or the believer of  love
practice it and love...please have a loving heart
if not...please live in your disaster forevaaaaaaaaaaaa
and when they come...they will kill you -____- so pity
and make you complete with your sick heart...
trust me

-who is this?-

if i ask Qurratul 'Ain to write this...i guess your ear will burning again haha
she live in anger...she hate this theater...light gate and dark gate
she is in mad state now

i too feel soooo sulk and my ear burning when she talk like that to me
you're such a very arrogant Qurratul 'Ain!!!!!!!
but to clean and fix this rotten heart...i have to accept it -____- T_T
i love you

p/s: better i take a bath..and read book...
hope your wish to unite..and live in harmony will coming true
i'll take my part...and live this life and make myself and people happy


p/s: exam book
ya science and techno
ya my mind travel to India and their math..and al-Khawarizm
ya number that you use nowaday

then to Greek, and all their name...people that translate all the book into Arabic
-___- Ptolemy...and what else

cya...i love war yeay ^^ happy
i guess this is my field...knowledge..................

beat..beat my heart beat

once i'm stable
and strong enough
i'll help you
if not you
i'll help everybody else

every princess have to look at their people


hmm dear lover
wandering lover

for what reason did you become a lover?
why did you trap in this illness?

their answer:
 i drink a cup of love
i'm in love
and i wonder about  my love..

I want to give you remedy to recover your illness
and lover said to me
"i will live in this illness"
what??i don't believe this!!! O_O

me: then how will you reach your destiny?


p/s: Allah i love you
p/s: Allah..i think his/her lover put a lot of poison in it
that is why she/he caught in that illness
so poor... -____-
but why you put poison in it?
i always says to you..and remind you again and again
don't make this sad story...cause i'll cry
you want to see me cry...?
cause everytime i cry
you too will cry with me
and our eyes will be like panda

Thursday, October 30, 2014


and i always feel soooo small
with snobbish nose haha kidding
everytime i praying to Allah
i couldn't help but crying
feel like i'm lil kid
i want to laugh but only tear coming out
it is so silly
Allah are you so frightening/scary till you make my tear flow like river?
if you're too scary i'll run -___- scared
this is the most scary thing
ya i don't like when people start trust in me (with their rotten heart)
i scare i'll betray their trust ^____^.
so don't trust me! don't ever try to
(only me can trust one else is allow)
how special you are?
only like an atom.. and small than that
i love you
cause you don;t have 2 faces
ya messing around
i feel so silly
which direction i should take...
okey..let us walk straight

mom: sometime once you getting angry, and you write it...
         i can see your anger through your writing
         you make me feel uneasy..creepy feeling.
        (so pity, this awful daughter make you feel like that)
         when you didn't call me for 3 day  i feel like you didn't call me for 1.2.3 week
me: in heart (cause i angry at the right thing...if not the anger will come back to me)
                  (you feel like that..cause you love me haha)
mom: sometime, through your make me crying
me: in heart (i don't want to make people crying..but sometime crying is good to them)

i get close to 15 year old and we start to talk a lot...and share our story
when i told her my story..she said to should write your story -___- (at 15 year old)
at 15 i didn't love me at all
now i love me soo much
(maybe cure my scar )

don't take for granted..all mom wishful thinking to their child always coming true
they're special gift from Allah to you
i'm lucky to have mom

p/s: hope this Friday..all will be smooth...hope soooooooooooooooo
p/s: i only love me...i want to be alone la~la~la

Magic Beyond Words

p/s: friend tell me about this story
so i wanna watch it...
i feel so happy everytime
"once upon a time..."start
my eyes will be bigger like O__O

song for this story
"just a dream"

Kim Luan

French photographer Rehann,35, captured the heart-warming scene in Buon M'Lieng.

As a foreigner I was very surprised to see this bond but for the M'Nong minority group it's common to have an elephant in the garden- just like we might have a cat. I felt the respect between both. The girl was more scared of me than the elephant. 

p/s: link
p/s: grandad's dad with white tiger ^___^.
white tiger is cute :P


we're not doll
so don't play with us! who make this anger light up once again... 

i don't know what will happen next...
blame yourself for all this disaster
even it is not you...
but you just see it happen
without doing anything...

you're just the same with all that bloody hell
repent...and cry a lot
i? i will laugh a lot
-Qurratul 'Ain-

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

h.y 67

ISIL commits violence on the basis of false hadiths in the same way that the Christian Crusaders misinterpreted the Bible 

IS should act in the light of the Qur’an. They will do that when the time comes. They say they have a Muslim leader. They say they follow this person because it is a condition of Islam to have a leader [imam] at their head. They say they know the Mahdi has come. In other words, they are saying that he will not be someone who holds the kind of classic traditional orthodox conceptions of Islam they know and are familiar with. They say he will be different and that they will follow him. They say they are awaiting the appearance of the Mahdi, not his coming. God will bring about the appearance of the Mahdi. He will appear when God tells him to.
- IS say the Mahdi will come from Istanbul.

Adnan Oktar: They already said that Istanbul is the center. They did not know that before. They said they would take Istanbul. Then they accepted the situation when I explained it with the hadiths. They said they would not touch Turkey and Istanbul. Why not? Because the Mahdi is in Turkey. They are absolutely certain of that. They say Istanbul is the center. But IS will remain for a while as the dominant power in the region. All the Sunnis are joining them, but they are doing wrong. But IS’s cruelty is nothing like that of the PKK (a communist separatist terror organization). The wickedness of the PKK stems from them having no religious faith, whereas IS is wicked on the basis of false religious information.

It was the same with the old Christians. They changed and misinterpreted the Bible, and as a result carried out the Crusades. They martyred millions of Muslims. But they did that because their sources misinformed them, not out of cruelty alone. They strayed into a false belief because they believed wrongly. But the wickedness of the PKK derives directly from their godlessness. They are just evil. There is a difference between someone who is misinformed and someone who is purely evil. The difference needs to be properly understood.

- The Crusaders left not a single Muslim in Jerusalem in the 1099 Crusade.

Adnan Oktar: This is why it happened. Because they misconstrued the Bible. It stemmed from misunderstanding the faith. Those people were not devoid of religion or faith, godless and bookless. If only they had known or learned the truth. If they had learned the true love and affection in the Bible, they would have done the right thing. But they did not know them. They regarded killing as an article of faith.

- In your latest book, ‘Bigotry: The Dark Danger,’ you described all their false ideas. You responded to ‘false’ hadiths in the words of the Qur’an. It is a great blessing for them to have such a book. All problems could be resolved if Europe and America were to use this book to educate people.

Adnan Oktar: Look, I have made things incredibly easy. I have gone head to head with the fanatics and exposed all their abnormalities. But in fact they said not a word! IS, for example, is on the path of satan, and the Crusaders were also on that path.

- Aren’t those people awaiting Armageddon now in the same position?

Adnan Oktar: They are also under the influence of satan. What does Armageddon mean? There are only a handful of people in the world. What do you want from them? 'Almost everyone in the world will die,’ they say, ‘Only a handful of people will be left.’ The world has already grown old and turned into junk. What can you do with such a world? They want everywhere to be drowned in blood and everyone to die. Will that satisfy you if it happens? Will that relax you?

In Turkey people misunderstand America’s support [by providing weapons] for the PYD [a communist separatist terror organization]. The PYD imagines it is for its benefit. Yet they think there is need for the PYD for even more blood to be spilled. They intend to meet their need for intense bloodshed by means of the PYD. They use these people like experimental animals. And the PYD fail to realize.

-  People who think along those lines are saying, ‘When the prophet Jesus comes he will do away with these people, so let us kill them first.’ They do not hide it.

Adnan Oktar: Look, everything is quite clear. They say; ‘Let us help the Prophet Jesus and kill them first, so he does not have to tire himself.’ It is as simple as that. And the fools of the PYD believe it. But they first support the strong, and then the weak. When one side grows strong, they then bring the other side to an equivalent position and set them both against one another. Like a see-saw. The see-saw project is being put into action now. They put 100 grams on one side and then 100 grams on the other. They are kind of having fun with the Middle East. And the people of the region are completely fooled and taken in by it. Naïve commentators are fooled in the same way. They do not think deeply.

The secret state in Europe and America has gone crazy with the idea of setting Muslim against Muslim. They tell them to shed one another’s blood. But we will not shed blood, nor allow it to be shed. The savagery and insanity of thee people is beyond description. They insist on their shedding one another’s blood. But we will not do it. We do not want it.

- They say they will then kill the Jews.

Adnan Oktar: They gathered the Jews together in Israel. They plan to set 144,000 Jews aside and kill the rest. They want all the Jews to come to Israel and want Israel to be protected. Then the Jews think how wonderful these people who protect and watch over them are. But they say they want to get them all together in that land and then personally kill them.

- They say they will take up their swords and go to fight against Israel.

Adnan Oktar: The person who said that was a woman with modern opinions. She says we will personally slay them with our swords, but let us fill those lands with Jews first. The Jews have failed to understand. They like being protected. Yet they are preparing to slaughter them all. I told the people who are planning this that ‘I will bring the earth and sky down on you, you cannot do it.’ Those words of mine were heard everywhere. The fanatics also know I said it. They will definitely be unable to harm them. 



p/s: and young generation won't be fool like fool ancestor !

inspiration 7


Bicaralah dari hati nescaya ia akan jatuh ke hati..

p/s: someday i want this whole world to hear my voice
not only hear...but to listen carefully
p/s: see they're so sweet..May Allah love you

so i travel back down that road
will you coming back? no one knows

power of knowledge
you always give me motivation at my weakest moment

ya...this is my weakest time...
everytime you talk about Allah
my heart feel so sad 
with smiling face ^____^. (ya..we should feel happy when someone mention Allah name)

everytime you talk about knowledge
my heart trembling again
i think someday it will run from this torax


Qurratul 'Ain: i want to kill all their God~!
Aihara: what...
Qurratul 'Ain: they play this game and hurt me a lot, i feel like i'm dying everyday
Aihara: ...
Qurratul 'Ain: Did you know this people scare of death too scare...while i'm awake
                      i won't allow anyone to sleep. So selfish dear! to leave me alone here haha
Aihara: please have some pity...
Qurratul 'Ain: i don't care!
Aihara: what you really wanted?
Qurratul 'Ain: i just want them to is all i ask..nothing more. At least this will
                     cure all this scar. i hold it for so long
Aihara: but our path are compassion and love
Qurratul 'Ain: another fool has shown up! you know there always dark and light?
                     Each of them need a very different way to remember back
                     one need to be need to be need to be hug
                     one need to be stab to their heart...!!!
                     i can remember the way he said "there is no place to way to escape"
                     with his blank eyes. no desire to live. If i could stab this guy to death or poisoning him
                     i would help him to escape!
Aihara: 'Ain stop it! what a ridiculous thing you're saying. insane
Qurratul 'Ain: i just one of  them...only this one you can't handle then how about the rest!!!
                     Aihara you're fool and too weak...please die with your love
                      but you're too will be a waste if i kill you right now...
                      let see how deep you can go.

Aihara: you're always precious friend...and i won't change anything.
            i too seek my lost memory but why you have to go this far?
            far into the darkness..aren't you scare? Why you choose that way
            can you come along with me? i love you so much. you don't have to live in that dark place.

Qurratul 'Ain: i live in it...i breath in it...why should i scare? you're the one who scare like the rest
                     of selfish, greedy and fool human. rotten heart! get off. ya the seal is open, but
                     you only remember a little..not the whole of your memory.

Look deep into my heart
You shall see i am Your true servant

p/s: hihi ^____^. okey..Aihara and Ain timeline
cya...i feel so sad...cause..i don't want to tell you
i want to smile and laugh..and read book
hati cepatla datang balik..baru ada semangat nak baca sejarah huhu

Monday, October 27, 2014


i don't know...why Allah always put me in the serious/funny/hardworking group
so you may learn silly girl!!!!
if they're too serious you will scare
if they're nothing'll hate
and run you always do 

me: mom..i feel so hungryyyyyy -_- i want to eat maggggieeeee cup tonight
mom:'re can;t eat that thing O__O no no
me: talk in my heart (today i'll listen to you..but tomorrow next2 tomorrow haha)

i've thing in my mind..that i wanna do this Friday haha
something far away

p/s: tonight..serious study night
cya nite..don't you dare to sleep...WHILE I'M AWAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rub it and says bismillah (in the name of Allah)



p/s: nothing good in war
sick of it!!!!
for both side

h.y 66

A viewer responded as follows to my saying that we want a world with no bloodshed or weapons; 

‘There is no such world. God has created us all with different faiths and languages so there should not be too much preponderance, so that human beings should argue with and fight one another.’ He says that God has created people to fight one another. So why is there no fighting in paradise? Because everyone has submitted to God. Everyone has gone through training [in the world] and has been educated. With education, people go to paradise and live perfect lives. This world, too, can be like paradise if you educate people and teach them the moral values of paradise. But if satan is your teacher, of course you will adopt satanic ways, and you will burn, destroy and kill. We have come to the world to vanquish satan. We will vanquish satan in this century. We will personally slay him beneath our feet. That is why we have come to this world, it is our duty.

- Teacher, we all come from different cultures here. Yet with your education we think of nothing negative.

Adnan Oktar: Is it a good thing for people to kill one another, or to love one another? Satan says that killing is good. God, however, says that love is good. We heed the word of the Qur’an.

- God says that He created different peoples so they could come to know one another.

Adnan Oktar: of course. God does not command us to slaughter one another. The first murder appears in the story of Cain and Abel, as you know. A verse tells us that murder was made to seem attractive to him. Satan is making killing seem attractive to people now. But we will slay satan beneath our feet. That is our duty. That is why we came to this world as followers of the Mahdi.