Thursday, July 31, 2014


* dark sign?
** your leg will shaking without reason when you try to meet...
* why...
** cause you wish you'll never meet them...
even how deep your connection to them
even how they want you to be with them


-'re talking about aura...isn't it?
^ hmmm
- tell more
^ if you're too weak...when you face with negative aura (killing aura) even the
people didn't have any knife or gun to kill you. Your body will shaking. It show
you're to weak at this stage. Maybe you can't move if you face such situation.

- how?

^ try to face people that in mad mood (crazy mood)...
you just try to stay/stand still or face him/her.
if you're'll not shaking.
You can stop him/her anger without doing anything.
Only by looking at them silently. ^___^.

- if i'm shaking?
^ weak sign. But it is good, cause you can feel other's aura. Like i told you before dark is darkness..they still react toward love but "pure love"..dear not the fake one.

-fake...dark and light
^ yaaa...light and dark...the Creator create them...ohh...i met one of old man
when he found people/children he will says "light" and point his forefinger toward
the sky. He make the children scared ^____^ >__<.
they say he's crazy...
i say he's calling for light (laugh)

 -about death?
^ everyone will die...sooner or later. That is not important...
the important thing is to "wake up" and find who you're. Or you'll stuck again and
again...and again in this world -_____-.

- ....
^ ask God in to Him... Where is my memory?
we have to control the dark and light inside. you're not're bad
you're not bad but good...for how long to live like that?
be awake

^ the way to know yourself..who you're. That is why..they will say
the beginning in religion is to know Allah and our self. Don't use religion to spread hate.
you're not knowing who you''ll be far from the truth...and memory

don't be robot...we're not robot

- but..the knowledge about just a little...God say it just a little
^ "little" how many? and you know that "little"? seek that "little" knowledge

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


* how dark talk to you?
** oh...hmmm just like this song...maybe just a lil bit different
* it hard...isn't have to deal with dark...
** ^___^. hmmm confusing

p/s: you miss Allah
p/s: i miss Allah too
p/s: ... bye i love you


Tuesday, July 29, 2014


i feel like heaven in home haha

my big sis bring her persian cat home ^__^.
his name is "Muffin"
he come from Turkey

this night..they'll travel home back...
bye2 Muffin

me: why you look like afghanistan/palestine're different
big sis: he came from Turkey
me: -___- hehe

totally muffin act like a mop..with orange color. he like all the crap thing and like to eat
he mop all the house...window..with his fur -______-

bye2 muffin..big sis and new big bro :P
me bullying all of them... i'm naughty...


Friday, July 25, 2014


>_< yeay mop
there're 3 mop
so house will be clean with mop

p/s: someday if i pet some persian cat once again...
i'll not buy mop...haha
i'll use real mop :P


i want to make it echo in your heart
we'll understand each other
i've courage to face you but i running away

come closer to me
try to trust me ^____^. ( if you can)
do you hear a heartbeat?

listen carefully with your heart
come closer to me
try to trust me
that;s all i ask

we're not all prefect
cause we're human

with love
i want to send you love
i wonder if it will reach you just a little?
it is good that none...

* we've to accept our own reflection

- no i can' is too deep and dark

* .... so wait...until dark come and bend theirself
it hurt too much? they too have to accept their own self

 - hmmm i've reach the limit...i just can't

* ^____^.



Thursday, July 24, 2014

flower 1

“The Night of Power is better than a thousand months." (Surah al-Qadr, 3)

p/s: today  night 27



p/s: tomorrow i'll go home yeay..for 1 week
3/8 i will be here back -_____-. :P




* sis aren't we're all family? we're from Adam....right?

** hmmm...we're all family...

* so we can't get married... cause we're sibling ^____^.

**'re so right haha :P

* yes

p/s: child world is fun...and full with laughter
p/s: please be like child..and Allah we love us
p/s: i do want to be with Allah...wanna meet my Creator
it is interesting...

searching for Creator...i look to the sky...i look to the ocean
and i miss something hmmmm

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

mood raya

another..friend of mine...
she ask me to hear this song -_____-

* -_____- so many heart break
i'll be stress if i listen to this song! haha

- just relax...and listen to this song...i like the melody

* :P how can you be so relax? i can't relax

* you're a very good friend...hope Allah will grant you....
a true may taste the sweetness of faith and friendship


Sunday, July 20, 2014

h.y 31

p/s: but....what is love?
what is friendship ? ^____^.
i don't understand just like friend taught me
when i said: i want to live alone

and they said: don't stay at home alone!!!
don't walk alone!!! walk with us!
play with us!

-_____- all this are so strange >____< friend like to hear this song -_____-
and she ask me to hear it too


friends...someday i'll die
and i'll go into that grave alone ^_____^.

hehe kidding :P


Allah i want to be in whale
i don't want to get out from it forever...
cause i think this world is prison
whale is better than this world
(silly word...Allah please..don't mind with my word)

whale is like a prison?
so Prophet Yunus want to go out from it
he's so patient
all Your prophet are so nice


Ya Allah
it hurt
You will listen to this tiny girl
i'm nothing...insignificant like dust
if You leave us
no one will take care of us
no one will notice
we have no place to go

it hurt
everyday it hurt
this prison...

it always hurt


i love knowledge
i'm going crazy and thirst with knowledge
don't put me in this prison

p/s: Allah...i need You...not something else...
human they're all strange...
Allah...i don't like this world...
please take care of me....

everything easy..give it to me
everything hard...can You solve it with me? ^____^.

p/s: Allah..i make a very public prayer...i won't care at all
why..they didn't talk about You?
they only know rule...
i hate rule >____<

Saturday, July 19, 2014


it's soul that need surgery >___<
there will be no war... :P

i hate war...
adult! you're all crazy ^____^.

p/s: don't be friend with adult haha
or people with adult mind :P

Friday, July 18, 2014


p/s: K. Farah ^____^.
i love you
chayok sis >___<

tsabit qulubana 'ala dinik

Thursday, July 17, 2014


3+1+3= 7

7 = neutral
  = pure-nature-
each of them have been purified 


p/s: pH?

- mean?

* outside is dark...but they hold holy light inside

-313? not number?

* hmm each of them have mean pure heart...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

song 10

she told me
the secret of this life
and make me
want to cry and smile
hey, dear
you want to feel deep inside me?

p/s: mom said, this is the second song..her  favorite song

this legend…might not be exist tomorrow
Allah…i don’t have place to go, i’m alone…
in the night of destiny…might You help me
don’t leave me…

h.y 30

Adnan Oktar: How nice it is that Christians love the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) very much.

Ebru Altan: Yes, they are devoted to him.

Adnan Oktar: I mean when I talk to them, they constantly talk about the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). And Christians pray a lot. I have never seen Muslim Sunnis or any other sects praying that much. Christians are praying in almost all moment of their lives. For instance they sit to have a conversation, they pray. They sit for dinner and they pray. They get up from the dinner table, they pray. They go out and they pray. That is very nice. And they do not pray silently, they do so openly. They do pray out loud, they pray altogether. Everyone joins their prayers. That is very nice. Praying is something the Qur'an puts great emphasis on. That is why our brothers and sisters during their discourses, when they gather together, one of them should say a prayer in a voice everyone will hear so that all our brothers and sisters can join the prayer. That would be very nice. Insha'Allah. Praying means establishing constant connection with God. That is because God likes prayers. God loves prayers. He specifically emphasized this in the Qur'an because it is a way of connecting to Him. And Christians recognized this secret very well. They have found the great pleasure in it. The great pleasure they genuinely take from praying is sensed clearly and God responds to that prayer. I mean that is a crucial matter. For instance, a person has an illness in his arm and he instantly goes to get a pill. Alright take a pill but why don't you pray? Pills do not work otherwise. Pray. Pills are only means. What does it have to do with pills? Know that God is the One Who creates pills. Know that you are using pills only as a means, as a prayer. And pray for recovery. That is because God is the One Who creates the sicknesses. Actually sicknesses are wonders; they are created out of the blue. Why should a person have a problem with his eyes? Eyes are normal, healthy organs. Why should one develop infection? They all have to take orders from God. Otherwise none of them would happen. God shows them to us as if they were coincidences but there is no such system. Everything is controlled. Everything takes place under the order of God. For instance now my milk pudding is here for me. Where did it come from? It is a treat from God. It has come to me from the treasure of God's Mercy. And it appears as if it came from the kitchen. Where did it come from, to the kitchen? It appears as if it came from the patisserie. Almighty God has a system of displaying everything within a chain of rationality. That closes people's eyes. It closes many people's eyes. Actually these are direct blessings.

Look, together with the glass it is served in, together with its beauty, with its taste, it comes from God's treasure of mercy, it comes directly from the heavens. It is created by God. However there is such a perfect system of cause that people become unable to think anything on the contrary. For instance they say to the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) " Can your Lord send down a table to us out of heaven?" Actually God is sending down a table to them every single day. God is the One sending down every table. When they go inside, they really see a table. God is the One Who creates that table as well, God creates them all. God introduces, shows the system in the Heaven here with a different method. That is not how it is in the Heaven. For instance a person thinks about a dessert and it is created there and then. It flies in the air and comes right in front of you. The spoon comes to you on its own for you to eat. It levitates without the need of your hand. That is because hand is a means for that act. With what do you eat? One says "I am eating with my hand". Who creates your hand? God creates the hand. One might assume that he eats with his hands. Actually God is the One Who makes him eat. God is the One Who makes one drink water. One might assume that he is drinking with his hand.

God is the One Who gives its taste, its flavor. They have all been arranged, created in destiny by God. We constantly live in wonders. But only those who think can realize them. For those who do not think, God has specifically set a trap. He set a trap of cause and effect. They suffocate in causes and cannot see. One might think that he is walking on his own. Actually God is the One Who makes him walk. He might want to go somewhere. God is the One Who takes him there. For instance, one is in Turkey today and goes to the US the next day; God creates US for him in an instant. God creates a different country in an instant. God creates planes as a cause. One gets into plane, it is closed environment. He sits there for a while and the US is created in front of him all of a sudden. And that person assumes that it is always there. Actually God is creating everything every single moment.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated September 16th, 2013 


Monday, July 14, 2014

song 9


again i want to talk about "love"
we always heard phrase..."love it feel good but hurt"....
where is the place that feel hurt? O___O show me

i the chest and hand/palm..(right or left)
human is so strange and complex -____-
is it feel like electric charge?

someone told me...every human have this star inside of them

-how to activate the star?

* only with sincere/pure/ selfless love

 two triangle  (combine)

p/s: dna helix?


p/s: okey, for light reading :P

Sunday, July 13, 2014

h.y 29


(Reader’s letter): You have stated Iraq would be divided into three as per the hadiths. And you claim the US parted Iraq into three, are these consistent?

Adnan Oktar: God commands the United States and they bow down to God’s destiny and Freemasonry again complies with God’s commands as well and ISIS acts within its ordained destiny and is obedient to God with His guidance. All are weak servants under the order of God. They overestimate the United States, however, the United States is like an illusory matter. It is an entity that God creates and dissipates in an instant. Therefore, if the United States wants Iraq to be divided into three, that is conforming to the destiny God preordained.

- In a verse, God informs, “The legions of the heavens and the earth belong to God” (Surat Al-Fath, 7).

Adnan Oktar: Sure, the armies of China and Russia, all belong to God. The legions of ISIS again are under the commandment of God; He is the One Who gives life and death. All power belongs to God. People are not aware of this truth. 

- Master, in the Qur’an, believers say, “I possess no power to help or harm myself, except as God wills” (Surat Al-Araf, 188). 

Adnan Oktar: That is right; for instance, the United States ask for a federation [for Turkey]. But destiny is not like that. Turkey will grow, and the United States cannot have power over Turkey. However, Iraq’s partition into three is mentioned in the hadith. If the United States acts according to that, it means it is complying with God’s commands. Yet, even if the US aims at dividing Turkey, it will not be able to obstruct destiny because Turkey will not be partitioned. There is no such incident in destiny. But, the partition of Iraq is in line with God’s destiny. Resistance to destiny results in loss, but God opens the way when one is obedient.

- God informs in a verse, “He directs the whole affair from heaven to earth”
(Surat As-Sajdah, 5).

Adnan Oktar: Sure.

- In another verse, “If God had willed, they would not have fought each other. But God does whatever He desires” (Surat Al-Baqara, 253).

- And in another verse, “No leaf falls without His knowing it” (Surat Al-An’am, 59), and “There is no creature He does not hold by the forelock” (Surah Hud, 56).

Adnan Oktar: Yes, certainly.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 24th, 2014