Sunday, June 22, 2014

^___^. 2

dear, listen to me
dark path is too hurt
i want to see for both of it
i have to make it clear cause i saw in that night..there're two path

if i didn't saw nothing...i'll ignore the dark path
when i talk to of them told me...
in the light path in some point it will turn into "nur zulmat"
in that time it will hurt so much

nur zulmat (light of darkness) mean..or meaning close to it
only light can give birth to darkness

this eyes...even though  in the side of dark
this eyes... it look to the bright light
both of it...they're so mystery

-Qurratul 'Ain-

let she find it...then she will learn
soul will never satisfied until it learn by itself
-Inao Hiedeki-

p/s: :P
okey i don't have time to write haha
today..i'll travel home

it is not easy to remember back the memory have to follow the rule of Muslim...follow the rule in Quran (until become mu'min)
totally..not half and half...or it will turn into nur can't be light
3 type of people..muqarrabin..ashabul yamin...ashabul shimal

dark and light will never come always separate..but they living with each other
each of them..will keep reminding one another...

open your heart
Allah..i love them soo much

p/s: today i saw my friend quote this phrase...their last exam will be next week

A Muslim Navigator,Khashkhash ibn Saeed ibn Aswad,from Cordova sailed from Delba in 889 CE,crossed the Atlantic,reached an unknown territory and return with fabolous treasures.In Al-Masudi's map of the world there is a large area in the ocean of darkness and fog which he referred to as the unknown territory (which is well-known America by people today).

-Al-Masudi,Muruj adh-dhahab wa maadin al-jawhar-

Saturday, June 21, 2014

h.y 27

“Once [Amirul Momineen] Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) was asked about (the meaning of) this
Quranic verse:
فَاخْتََلفَ اْلَأحْزَابُ مِن بَيِْن ِ همْ
“But parties from among them disagreed with each other…” (Surah Maryam 19:37)
He said: “Expect deliverance when three signs appear.”
He was asked: “What are they?”
He said: “Disagreement among the people of Shaam, the black banners
coming from Khurasan and terror in the month of Ramadan.”
He was asked: “What is terror in Ramadan?”

He said: “Have you not heard the saying of Allah in the Quran:
ِإن نَّشَْأ نُنَزِّ ْ ل عََليْ ِ هم مِّن السَّمَاء آيًَة َف َ ظلَّتْ َأعْنَاُقهُمْ َلهَا خَاضِعِينَ
“If We please, We should send down upon them a sign from the heaven
It is a sign that will awaken the sleepers and terrify the awake.”
Ref: English Translation of Biharul Anwar, Volume 13 (Old Edition)/Volumes 51-52-53
(New Edition) pp. 125-126

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p/s: when i look back to history...all the orphan became soldier...
rose with arms/weapon without parent (Mamluk Empire)
p/s:how their psychology? mental?
5 year old child..21 year old

growing with love, surrounding by good people...(mirror...make the image/word reverse)
p/s: do you know what is love?


good morning sleeppy
why he took my picture...this human is so strange
can't he see..i'm not smiling like him -______- smiling -____-
yaa, i'm going to hide myself
where this tree gosh
that is okay..i know the another place to hide
 i will hide in !
you know..camouflage ^____^.
-___- so is so cold there
 we have to do make adult wake up haha
i'm just a child let me sleep is good for me -_____-
kidding :P

p/s: comeyyyy ^______^.

Friday, June 20, 2014


i always feel happy and bless when Friday come...
if i have something that i'm not sure/feel lil bit scared/have to deal with something
i'll settle it on Friday..and it always work on me...Feel happy ^__________^. big smile

for me Friday start..from Thursday evening (19.30) until Friday (19.30)
or from Maghrib prayer to another Maghrib prayer....

i hope i'll read Al-Kahfi..-_____-

last ggosh cya

still feel happy with Friday..the beloved Friday

p/s: ^____^. :P

Thursday, June 19, 2014

h.y 26

The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was sincerely devout, he comes to the Earth to be welcomed
Adnan Oktar:  We will see the Mahdi in all his glory in the years to come. We will also see the lovely face of Jesus the Messiah, the son of Mary. We are now preparing the foundations. We must first prepare a home for Jesus the Messiah. You must prepare his home to give him a fine welcome. He is already coming to be welcomed. 

He is a lovely prophet of Almighty God. God has never involved him in conflicts. The Roman army tried to catch him, and Almighty God turned into a form of light. When his body became light they could not see him. Almighty God took him into His Presence. He is a delicate prophet. God will send him to be welcomed and hosted in the Earth. Do you know why Almighty God loves Jesus? Because of his faith. His faith is so great that God feels no need to test him with sufferings. This is an extraordinary state of affairs. Look, the Prophet Moses (pbuh) was alarmed when his staff turned into a snake. Not so with Jesus. God told him to walk on water. He had 100% faith he could walk on water, not just 99%. He stepped on the water and really walked on it . The Prophet Jesus told his disciple, “Believe and you can cross.” His disciple felt a moment’s doubt, and sank into the water. The Prophet Jesus told him he had sunk because of his lack of faith. People become metaphysical entities the moment they have complete faith. The prophet Jesus becomes able to resurrect the dead. He has an extraordinary ability. Jesus’ faith is a wonderful faith. This is also described in the Gospels.

Anyone else would have been alarmed when Roman soldiers came, wouldn’t they? But he was quite relaxed. My Lord is with me, he said. I submit myself to God, he said. He was not alarmed. The soldiers came to the door. Judas the Iscariot entered, and Jesus immediately turned into light. Judas the Iscariot was left there alone. When the troops them seized Judas, he swore that he was not Jesus. They dragged Judas the Iscariot out by his hair. He was shouting that he was not Jesus. They then took him and crucified him. They nailed him through his stomach hands and feet. He screamed out till the last moment of his life.

Now Almighty God is sending Jesus the Messiah back. We will marry him to someone when he comes, insha’Allah. Jesus the Messiah is highly clever and intelligent. He has perfect judgment. He looks at the existence of matter and realized it is an image in the brain. He has total faith the evolution could not have evolved. He looks at the structure of proteins and has complete faith in God. He makes full use of his mind. He makes full use of his powers of judgment. Other people are not like that. They cannot fully concentrate. They lose concentration. They start wondering whether Darwinists might be right. They judge facts depending on their degree of faith.

Jesus the Messiah has a very powerful memory. When he reads something it stays in his mind. For example, when he comes, he will know all the signs leading to faith and the miracles of the Qur’an. Just one sign leading to faith is enough for him to believe. He will turn his faith to the universe and wherever he looks he immediately believe. That is not like the faith of ordinary people. It is very powerful.

That is why God sends the Mahdi beforehand and makes him reign over the Islamic world. He creates an environment in which he can be at ease. He will head the Christian world as a Muslim prophet. The Mahdi will wish him to be his caliph. He will become the caliph after the death of the Mahdi. But he will not live long, he will not survive the Mahdi by long. Then there will be great turmoil.

Bediüzzaman says of Muslims that, “They will try to fulfill their duties in secret and in a state of defeat.” Muslims will be out in the open until 1506 Hijri calendar. After 1506 they will be in secret and in a state of defeat. Until 1543. After 1543 the Qur’an will be raised up to the sky. There will be terrible degeneration in the world for two years. It will become intolerable. God will be forgotten. All the pages of the Qur’an will be burned. There will be no Qur’an on Earth. Bediuzzaman says, “When the Qur’an is raised into the sky, the world will lose its mind, it will go mad.” “By the divine will, another planet will strike the Earth since it will have gone mad,” he says. Scientists in any case say that an asteroid will strike the Earth in around 2120. This is no secret. It has appeared in the press. A very large asteroid. Scientifically, they think that this asteroid will crash into the Earth, and then do so again under the force of gravity. The world will then split apart in that second collision. Bediuzzaman says the same thing.

Bediuzzaman said this thing, which has only just been discovered, 80 years ago.

- An asteroid passed close by the Earth today.

Adnan Oktar: Today, wasn’t it?

- yes
- It passed at three times the distance between us and the Moon. At a speed 17 times that of a bullet. 
- Asteroids have been massing around the Earth ever since 1999.

Adnan Oktar: They are being prepared for the Day of Reckoning.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 07th, 2014

p/s: i miss Prophet Yesus/Isa Ibnu Maryam

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


i quote this somewhere

I know You Hate Me, But The Day when You Will know the Truth…

She Missed Him everyday. He never missed her. She Continues Called him. He was never interested to talk with her. She always texts him. He never replied. She was trying to be strong. He Loved to Destroy her. She just wanted a chance. He Laughed on her face. She wondered what Happened. He Never Really cared. She finally Moved on. & He missed her being there..

apehal yang ko jiwang petang2 ni? Aku ambil air sejuk simbah dekat muka kau pukul 5 or 4 pagi nak? ke nak air panas? bukan yang mendidih, yang suam la. aku tak la kejam sangat.

* i wonder..why human is like this? 
- mean?
* aren't they feel tired?
- tired?

* emm tired..only hear the making me tired. How they face it in the real situation?
- -_____-.

-sometime i ask many mom...are you tired? why you didn't feel tired? why you're so strange?
and they said cause of Allah, love and patience

* always with that boring answer...i don't want to hear it. I feel tired with your answer.

p/s: :P today is tired day haha kidding cya