Tuesday, April 30, 2013



shinjitsu to genjitsu no subete kara me o sorasazu ni ikete iku akashi ni sureba ii
i should think of You (Allah) as proof that i live
without taking my eyes off of truth and reality...

tada deaeta koto de tada ai shita koto de
omoiaeta koto de kore kara mo

just have met you, just have love you
just have shared our thought from that days till forever


it's true, isn't? it seems as though we're aiming for a new century...
it's miraculous, this is something you can only taste once

one more time...let's remember
on the day we arrived on this Earth we were somehow happy
and somehow it hurt...we're crying

reality is a traitor, it's easy to misjudge things? right?

we're arrived in this kind of time but somehow we'll die
so somehow we're standing here and we're living through today
we're arrived on this kind of world
somehow i'm very happy while crying at the top of my lungs

i've arrived in this kind of time (but i met you)
we've arrived in this kind of time but somehow we'll die
with your own two eyes please decide the worth of this place ^_^.

p/s: so for all my friends with your own two eyes please decide the worth of this place
      do it with your own standards

even cliches and meaningless words, me never forget

p/s: my friend...sadness why? with your silent voice

sahabatku...sini...aku ingin beritahu kamu...
sedih hati ku ini kenapa jalan ini yang aku pilih?
cuba kamu berada di tempatku...kemudian rasainya...
kamu tidak akan mengerti ujian kita berbeza...
setiap satu pertolongan kamu...Allah sahaja sebaik-sebaik pengganti

Sunday, April 28, 2013



i realize the screaming pain hearing loud in my brain but i'm going straight ahead with the scar
can you hear me? can you hear me? can you hear me? so am i

go ahead and forget, go ahead and stop feeling
i covered up my wounded heart
it's fine if i get hurt cause i don't feel pain anymore
even while dragging those feet alone
i lost sight of myself, the sound rose and fell
before i knew it just the sound of wind
that comes to tell me "follow the scars!" before you're crushed by the world

do you remember The Sky of Tears ? the pain is always protecting you
can you hear me? so am i

more than a strength that doesn't cause wounds a kindness that can't wound
some part of that voices seems so sad
like undoing buttons heart and body separate
take grasp of your heart one more time

i've found it 
that crying voice
no doubt, that's right, it was my own

i'm sure from the beginning
i always knew that i wouldn't ever let go of myself again
you noticed a SIGN signal to you

sebenarnya hati ini cinta kepada Mu (Allah)
sebenarnya diri ini rindu kepada Mu (Allah)
tapi aku tidak mengerti
mengapa cinta masih tidak hadir?
tapi aku tidak mengerti
mengapa rindu belum berbunga?

sesungguhnya walau aku kutip
semua permata di dasar lautan
sesungguhnya walau aku siram
dengan air hujan dari tujuh langit Mu (Allah)
namun cinta tidak akan hadir
namun rindu tidak akan berbunga
jika tidak mengharap rahmat Mu (Allah)
jika tidak menagih simpati pada Mu ya Allah

aku cuba menghulurkan sebuah hadiah kepada kamu
tapi mungkin kerana isinya tidak sempurna tiada seri
aku cuba menyiramnya agar tumbuh dan berbunga
tapi mungkin kerana airnya tidak sesegar telaga kauthar

Tuhan, hadiahkanlah kasih kamu kepada aku
Tuhan, kurniakanlah rindu aku kepada kamu
moga aku tahu, syukur aku adalah milik Mu (Allah)

the scenery seen from here seems to be sketched from a dream
what is the difference, and how much it change?

when i stood at the crossroads' beginning
i wondered which direction was the right path to choose
when i stood at the opposite fork
i wondered what was on the other side
even so i continue to step forward
i've not been defeated yet...

that person who was guarding himself
in order to not be hurt only acting tough and brave
i wonder if he's able to smile naturally now

the things that change themselves
the things that i have changed and the things that i can't
i'm smile naturally now?

A path where only the beloved memories and thoughts are scattered along the ways
it was by a chance that i passed through it, it was warm and comforting, but also painful

as i become adult, just what have i lost? and when on earth will i get it back?
as i become adult, just what have i gained? and how on earth to make sense of it?

see, as i consider this questions, this moment is already changing into the past
just now, that person i passed by her face seen in profile
seems to be someone i once knew, but why should i feel this way...?

why was i unable to call out to her?
far off she went and i just stared at her retreating back

Friday, April 26, 2013

untitled for you

i couldn't see anything
after that...i saw everything


How many times have I gotten lost?
Every time, the one who give a hand
was You, Allah

*What will we think at the end of this long journey?
I wonder if we are all travellers searching for love
Let's go together, until we've had enough

We're on this journey...a journey toward happiness
I wonder if we are all travellers with wounds that can't be healed
Look, a smile really suits you

nando michi ni mayotta no darou
sono tabi ni atatakai te o

sashinobete kureta no mo anata deshita

*bokutachi wa kono nagai tabiji no hate ni nani o omou
dare mo minna ai motome samayou tabibito nan darou
tomo ni ikou akiru hodo ni


p/s:  the ship has just departed
heading towards you without the least hesitation...
fall into the embrace of the wind
feel the dream adventure that has begun

Thursday, April 25, 2013

lunar esclipe


 April 25: Partial lunar eclipse visible from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Malaysia link

Wednesday, April 24, 2013



as i look they're passing front of me
i wonder who make them moving
who make them talking?
who make them writing?

what make me gentle now
is your helping hands that hold me
friends it is your warmest smile
friends it is your prayer
i'm so sorry, i can't write :(
like i told this blog isn't interesting at all
it's just my journey to find the answer for my question

then i met with all of you
and i'm borrowing your strength
me feel happy to met all of you
this is strange, right?



moon..moon come out soon
me hope all my friends will smile ^_^.

                                                 (don't try to listen cause >_< horror)
japanese version link
 but it is my favourite song

the time


the rapid effluxion of Time is a portent of the end times

people will understand that the Day of reckoning is near from the great incident that will take
place after 2012 anyway. There will be immense catastrophes, there will be great earthly incidents.
There will be very big incidents and these will take place unceasingly.
i mean everyone will come to see that there is something extra-ordinary.

For instance, we're seeing this in the TV shows as well.
There is a blonde lady, very sweet lady on TV she said:

"there are some sudden changes in season. 
No such things were happening 
in the past and clearly time is passing by very rapidly.
Something has happened to this world"

actually this lady was a very cheerful one; she is a bit disposed to revelry and debauchery.
i mean she is not a person who would draw closer to such matters, she does not have manner
of speech that is familiar with religion.

but she said "there is something extra-ordinary going on in the world, there is something 
going on. i'm seeing this clearly. The effluxion of time clearly and explicitly picked up an inconceivable speed, i'm clearly seeing that."

and everyone is saying that. The weekends come by instantly. My brother in the past did the
weekends come by this fast? In the past the days seemed like they would never end.
Now they pass by instantly.

You spare time for sleep... for instance one sleeps 7 or 8 hours a day and he wakes up, has his
breakfast and then the day ends.

The man goes to work and instantly the time for coming back and going back to sleep comes by.
The man cannot even have the time to breathe. He wouldn't know whether he is coming or going.
In the past time seemed like it would never end. Right? InshaAllah.

The imminence of the Day of Reckoning is something that would reinforce our ties of brotherhood
ever further. i mean the imminence of the Day of Reckoning is something that would wake love.
Being together in the Hereafter does have a significance. Right? It does have a beauty inshaAllah.

For that reason let it be a Christian or a Jew, let it be an irreligious, faithless one, a communist,
we need to approach everyone with compassion and strive for everyone to see the good, right
and beautiful. And we should not meddle with those who cannot see, meaning we should not behave
roughly towards them neither should we insult them or humiliate them.

This is what Allah had ordained for them. We are not charged with making everyone find the truth.
Allah is the One Who makes people find the true path.

p/s: love you all cause of Allah
p/s: ^_^.



O you who believe! be you helpers of Allah:
as said Prophet Jesus the son of Mary to the Disciples
"who will be my helpers to (the work of) Allah ?"

said the disciples "we're Allah's helpers!"

then a portion of the Children of Israel believed,
and a portion disbelieved:

but We (Allah) gave power to those who believed, against their enemies
and they became the ones that prevailed



p/s: love you all cause of Allah
p/s: gomenne tomodachi ^_^.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

never ever


-if you had one wish that would definitely come true...
  what would it be?
  what would you wish for, here, under this sky...

+ i hope that God will always hold my hand...and guide me till the end


Moshi mo tatta hitotsu dake negai ga kanau nara
Moshi mo tatta hitotsu dake negai ga kanau nara
Kimi wa nani wo inoru

Moshi mo kimi ni sashi daseru mono ga aru to sureba
Kawaranu tashika na omoi

God's Sight

eternity is hidden in God's memory
Every Moment of Our Lives is Kept in God's Sight. None is Lost, They All Remain Vivid

The same thing is true of a dead butterfly you see in a garbage can 
or a dry leaf falling from a tree onto your head. 
from the time the butterfly was still a caterpillar to the time it left its cocoon, 
from the time its wings dried to the time it fell into the garbage, everything was predetermined in its fate. 

In God's sight, the living butterfly and the dead butterfly continue to exist and will continue to exist eternally.

Just as those things we will see in the future (or will exist in the future for us) are present every moment in God's memory, so, in the same way, things in the past do not cease to exist, but are present in God's memory. 

For example, when you were a fetus in your mother's womb, the day when you started to learn how to read and write, the moment you picked up your first school report, the moment you first drove a car, the time an old lady smiled at you when you gave her your seat on a bus, and other such things you experienced in the past, together with all the moments you will experience in the future,  
are at this moment in God's memory and will remain there for eternity.

i cried on the night i thought about the mysterious Him...
if You do not give the experience
i will not become who i am today 
and me will never understand

so God, You will never forget about me...even the time flow and disappear
even the star flow and disappear...
teach me more...:)


Whether we see them or not, all these things are eternal in God's memory. All those things that have existed before us, and that will exist after us, have already been created by God in one single moment. As has been explained in the earlier chapter, time is an illusion; God created time and He is not bound by it. Therefore, those things that will exist for us in the future have been created in one moment in God's sight and they currently exist. But we cannot see them yet because we are bound by time.

p/s: i love You Allah, more than yesterday
p/s: please help live this life
p/s: love you all  cause of Allah
p/s: link eternity is hidden in God's memory


akai ito nante shinjitenakatta
unmei wa tsukamu mono da to omotta


hayasugiru sokudo de torimaku
sekai ni wa itsu shika tsukarete
aijou wo sukui no te mo motometsudzuketa kedo

~la~la~la                                   ........                   ...........................................
~la~la~la~la          ..............              .............................
~la~la~la~la~ ................                                                   ............................


................        ...........................                    ....................                                 ................
......................................             ..........................................                        .


tell me why?


i want to lie down on the green grass
i want to tumble together with the animals
why're you...? let's go home together
getting into a fight, that child cries/ unable to says "i'm sorry.."
even if you cry and scream inside of your heart
it's useless if you don't turn them into words

thank you my friends
i want to see all my new friends
i hold hands with you and it turns into wings
i hold hands with everyone/ we can fly through the wide sky

even you have a lot of money, you can’t never ever buy friends
even we’ve nothing,  i know everyone are always with us
everyone know  us,
everyone listen to our dreams, and they wish for it to coming true,
What else i can say, God Bless you, my friend...
If many good things happened today
i  hope for tomorrow to be more even better
the sun is rising right now,and  it’s so beautiful,
and i pray for tomorrow, the sun will riseonce again...




Saturday, April 20, 2013


may Allah give us a profound faith. Profound faith; that is the greatest blessing. 
Once you attain that, oh, there starts the Paradise by the leaves of Allah.
That means that person is on the way from the Paradise in this world to the
Paradise in the Hereafter 

it brings abundance to one's soul, to one's body. Its effect immediately starts.
if one starts to have doubts about Allah (may Allah forbid) the body gets devastated and suffers.
that is because the body is in love with Allah. The cells are in love with Allah. 
once they doubt Allah, the whole body starts mourning, it suffers, struggles desperately
and starts to collapse.

the body cannot stand that. It would be devastated, may Allah forbid.
that is why Allah says in the verse; i seek refuge with Allah from the satan
"Only the remembrance of Allah can the heart find peace..."

that is by loving Allah effusively, by understanding Allah as is due, 
by believing and fearing Allah as is due. then the body finds relief. The soul finds relief as well.

the beauty of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh)
the beauty and the relief of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
would start to permeate over that person.

for instance, the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) is very faithful.
He walked on water, so did his follower and then his follower sank into the water all of a sudden.
He (Prophet Jesus) asked "Why have you lost your faith? Why has your faith weakened?"
that was because he (the follower of Prophet Jesus) thought
"i wonder whether i would sink or not?"
and he did sink into the water once he thought "would i sink?

yet he (the Prophet Jesus) said  "had he preserved his faith, he would have walked on it."
a very strong faith is required for that, a very sincere faith.
then the person would seize to remain  as matter. One would assume the form of light.
the Prophet Jesus(pbuh) seized to remain as matter, seized to remain as a body while he was
walking on the water. All his body assumed the form of light, of radiance.

then one can walk on the water, on the air; he can walk through the matter as well.
that is because he would assume the form of light.
but for that, a very deep faith is required; one should love Allah with a profound love.

 michi ni mayotta toki soshite
michi ga toosugita toki ni
hitori tsubuyaite ita yo
sonna mono da to...

When I stray from the path, and
When the path is too long,
I was muttering to myself.
That's the way life is...

 kore kara mo zutto kono utagoe ga
minna ni todoku you ni to

I pray that this singing voice
will reach you, my friends

Who taught me true strength?
Who taught me kindness?
Who didn't give up for me?
I'll never forget.
I pray that this singing voice
will reach you...

i hope this singing voice will reach you
"be patient"

Sheikh Hisyam Kabbani

^_^. enjoy your watching

5 types of people to stay away from's difficult to forgive and forget..right?
may Allah forgive and help us :)

Friday, April 19, 2013




Allah i'm not okay :(
i'm thinking to disappear from here
why my eyes?..both of it look very sad...
my voice can't truely reach You
me suffering alone and take all the blame for this
and says it's all my fault

when they asking me about all the burden...i can't say even a word

share your pain...share your doubt...share your past
i can't says anything..and me listen to their stories
and feel myself like an atmosphere..
-qurratul 'ain-

this song (viva forever)...i heard it when i was a kid...i feel so sad and afraid
cause i think..."hey why that guys jump into that boxes(rubik's cube)?"
and those fairies is so awful ...and bad fairies and that guy is fool too...
until now hehe...that video's clip...i don't like it :) link
but i like the song...and i like japanese song the most...

do you still remember how we used  to be?
feeling together believe in whatever my love has said to me

both of us a dreamers/ young love in the sun/ felt like my saviour
my spirit i gave you/ we'd only just begun

hasta manana always be mine

viva forever i'll be waiting / everlasting like the sun
live forever for the moment
ever searching for the One

back where i belong now was it just a dream?
feelings unfold they will never be sold
and your secret's safe with me

lil bro day we'll meet back...
and mom..don't leave me...
but why it feel as..i'll be leaving alone...

 Kimi ni azukeshi waga kokoro wa
Ima demo hen'ji wo matte imasu
Dore hodo tsukihi ga nagarete mo
Zutto zutto matte imasu

Sore wa sore wa asu wo koete
Itsuka itsuka kitto todoku

Haru yo...