Thursday, March 28, 2013

be the best

a light is born at the world's end
and now that very light is a park within the wind

i cannot live if i just try to hide it
i cannot heal if i rely on kindness
and i wonder what had been stolen
from this ever unchanging world

and i wonder what i am hearing could it be a joyous song?
everything is bright

i want to make this shattered dream 
an echo that is felt in the future yet to come

a light is born at the world's end
and now that very light is what will make us unite
as a park within the wind

i cannot laugh if there is a pain inside me
i cannot heal if i let sorrow guide  me
and i wonder what i have gained here
at the end of this battlefield 
and i wonder what i am hearing 
could it be a dying scream?
then, everything is crying...

you must try to keep the world from tears
so return to where you once began
far beyond the world you know
to the light everything is bright

the sky i saw on that day is what i know will come when my wishes is fulfilled
and in that future we'll return
to where the world began in a pure cocoon of white

-world end- ~FLOW~ 

 to change the world and myself, i need to believe in what i can achieve
and that belief is always and forever in me
this world's getting worse to my dismay
and i simply looked the other way/ no longer...

i falter no longer/ i worry no longer/ i tremble no longer cause now i must choose
when you gave me the courage/ to stand and take action 
you gave me hope/ and i will never lose

one time my soul was as dark as the night
but then you entered my soul with your light
i see the sun/ my heart knows no limits/today i shall live life anew 
i'll open up all my windows to see the sky that is so blue

to change the world and myself/ i need to believe in what i can achieve
and that belief will always be important to me

i'm leaving my past behind me so/ i'll search for the answers as i go
starting today...

standing alone while the sun starts to rise
the rays are drying the tears in my eyes
i hear your voice calling out to me and your smile glistens radiantly
you opened up all the windows to let it shine down on me

i'll change the world and myself
it's time to stand up and fight for what i believe
and that's the strength that give me what i need to be free..

i feel the wind rushing through my heart and 
i know the light will show me the way...
-colors- ~FLOW~


the promise has been broken, and has vanished in the passing breeze
my memories, they're swept around this room
 and still i feel like they've been cut in two
i'm scattered, my soul is trembling as sleep's coming into my view.

recover and embrace all the promises that we can't fulfill

instead, let's walk on our own way.

meaningless...meaningless me said
pointless...pointless me said again and again
when it comes to an ends...what shall i do... so you'll give your hand?

what i believe...what i rise to belief
ahh...this colorful life...ahh this beautiful life
scream...scream when i'm scream
again and again

then you're not alone

in the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful
by the glorious morning light
and the night when it still~

your guardian~Lord~ has not forsaken you
nor is He displeased 

and verily the Hereafter will be better for you than the present
and soon will your guardian~Lord~ give you (that wherewith) you shall be well-pleased

did He not find you an orphan and give you shelter (and care)?
and He found you wandering and He gave you guidance
and He found you in need and made you independent

therefore, treat not the orphan with harshness
nor repulse the petitioner (unheard)
but the bounty of your Lord- proclaim...

and me...and me
me feel it hurt..this word it hurt
i keep repeating your word...cause i want to believe
i keep repeating it...i keep repeating it...
the glorious morning light...while me...see the darkness surround me
it fear me..almost everyday
~yura hiedeki~

my favorite song ever... ^_^.
i love hamtaro

let make a wish~ 
make it come true

come on and sing this secret spell
it just for you ^_^.


p/s: i'm advising you..not to listen the song too much
p/s: just read the meaning ^_^.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

little sheep

look, look here


i want you to look here
when you look at me
my heart pound and i'm happy!

 look.. look once more i want you to look more...when you look at me i'm ENTHUSIASTIC!!!!

 today is fun, isn't it?
sunset is not the ending
but a preview of tomorrow
the star in the night sky
twinkling and falling

the feeling you had in them at that time
it was my weaknesses for being unable to see it...
i won't make a wish upon the shooting stars...for i have Allah to hear my prayer
i would like to hold hands with all of you at that places

the sky i've forgotten is no more than black and white
perhaps this word will make it bright again?
if yes, i would like to meet all of you at that place

if i should return to the place
where the tears of sadness appears...
again and again...i says
Ya Allah i can't make it, now
i need some more minute
to declare what is right and what is wrong...
-qurratul 'ain-

 under the shine of the Moon
playing in the world of Dreams~

under the winking form 
of sleeping Stars
surely, a sparkling day is about to start?

ocean...being mystery than yesterday
my friends...why run away from the ocean?
isn't it a nice habitat for you...

my heart now, it hurt more than yesterday
-inao hiedeki-

p/s: friends: mean all animal in the ocean


-sleeping at last-
You spend your whole life just to remember the sound
When the world was brighter, before we learned to dim it down
Call it survival, call it the freedom of will
Where breath is our own, our compass needle standing still

Our resignation only comes on beaten paths

When the world was flat we dreamt of ...
If love's elastic, then were we born to test it's reach?
Is it buried treasure or just a single puzzle piece?
It's poison ivy beneath our brave and trusting feet
All revelations come to us in recovery
Cry wolf, cry mercy, cry the name of the One you were raised to believe
Cry heart, cry yourself to sleep, cry a storm of tears if it helps you breathe
It helps you, if it helps you breathe

p/s: ^_^. today is happy time, today is sad time
              today me cry a lot, yesterday also the tears never stop
              and now this big heart cry haha...somehow ^_^.
              be a human is full of mystery/ human being is a mystery creature

p/s: k bye...this miserable thinking of mine...hope it will not bothering all of you my beloved friends ever..

the forbidden game is our secret
a room separated from the changing seasons
"don't cry" you said
even so i was left alone

like the vivid moon the born butterfly spread it wet wings
and dances a waltz
where are you?

it is okay to stay lost, little sheep?
the light of forgiveness can't save anything
"don't go" i said
even so you left alone

yes, i'll be waiting
i don't want to forget
i want to forget

Saturday, March 23, 2013

green bird

little bird where has your mother gone
why are you here all alone?

Allah can bring you home again
cause Allah is stronger than i
Allah is stronger than i

Allah can all the animal love me?
Allah can every leaf that falls love me?
Allah can the wind love me too?
so i won't feel lonely anymore
i want to tumble with the animal on the green field

ohh bird...i wish i could switch my places with you
you are a good servant of Allah
and i is a bad servant that commit sins every single moment
i'm am shy but i want to be your friends

lil bird i'm so afraid cause i born to be a human
in this world

p/s: bye love you all cause of Allah
p/s:  the green bird is a friendly bird...someday you my friend also could touch em too...
       see the video...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blood A


my flowing teardrops melt into the deep blue hues
of the late night sky

i met with the warmth which eagerly enveloped me

pure as snow
your thoroughly honest words
moved me when i was bound with steel wings

today me donate my blood..for the first time...
thanks Allah cause You fulfill one of my dreams today
sometime i wish to have O blood..same as my mom and sis
but my blood type is A same as my dad

sekarang dah boleh ^_^.
maybe someday i'll donate my heart too
we cut it into two..okay kidding lol

ingat: sebaik mana perbuatan mu itu, tidak layak bagi Aku untuk memandangnya

“Hendaklah engkau bekerja tanpa melihat pekerjaan itu!
Hendaklah engkau bersedekah tanpa memandang sedekah itu! 
Engkau melihat kepada amal perbuatanmu, walau baik sekalipun, tak layak bagi-Ku untuk memandangnya. Maka janganlah engkau masuk kepada-Ku besertanya!

love you all cause of Allah...
well saya tak suka bagi sedekah...saya katakan itu sebagai hadiah dari saya..

Saturday, March 16, 2013


gomenne tomodachi
so i gave this dolphin you won't be sad
me love you all cause of Allah
p/s: my favorite animal...they're so nice..

Thursday, March 14, 2013

full map


bediuzzaman said nursi said: "all the cat will says ar-Rahim"
 "the most Merciful (Allah)"
when they said meow or silent...this is their zikr

-i forgot, the sources of this picture...- white and bluish color are mine favorite color ^_^.

we're born...
within the bosnian tragedies
now...we're 17,18,19,20...
 -yura hiedeki-


p/s: i love you all always...cause of Allah
p/s: mom,dad love you cause of Allah
p/s: ...

sometime i'm avoiding to call my mom or dad
pretending i'm always okay, right
that i know... em are really important
that ar-Rahim had created em for me

i don't understand myself
even the people are crowding around me
i'm always shaking, and tell my self it's okay 

always haunted myself
i'm telling my is okay
but myself never understand
to meet the false person...the fake reality
but that is all a journey that we must go through
without turning back

to see the world breaking apart
i hugging my knees in the corner of my room
through a kind lie the world painted, we discovered and learn something new...every day
no one knows the deep blue ocean and sky
there buried all the loneliness 


make a little wish/ i was stumbling 
and losing my way on my journey...

 ah, the silver wind came looking for two who were lacking something
beyond the cellophane sea and forest

ah, i was just crying in our city that's nothing
more than a diorama

looking for Your (Allah) warm hand
You held out to me that day
in the ever swaying years/ i felt You looking at me



make a little wish/ even if it's a small one
if you says you can't do anything
then remember because you were there
i was able to keep smiling and stay happy

p/s: thanks for all the picture...
       sorry i forgot the


Adel Khadri 27

President of Tunisia :Moncef Marzouki 

Mohamed Boazizi, 26

President of Tunisia: Zine El Abidine Ben Ali


what you want?
what i want?
what they want?

can you hear me?

“Mengapa ketika Abu Bakar dan Umar Al-Khattab memangku sebagai khalifah keadaannya teratur, tetapi ketika Uthman dan engkau yang menjadi khalifah keadaannya huru-hara?”

Jawab Ali “kerana ketika Abu Bakar dan Umar Al-Khattab menjadi khalifah, mereka didokong oleh orang-orang seperti aku dan Uthman, tetapi ketika Uthman dan aku yang menjadi khalifah, pendokongnya adalah engkau dan orang-orang seperti engkau...”

Syeikh Muhammad bin Shalih al-Utsaimin pernah mengatakan “Waliyyul amr, baik dari kalangan ulama mahupun umara, pasti banyak kesalahan. Tetapi di dalam sebuah atsar disebutkan kamaa takuunuu, yuwalla ‘alaikum (sebagaimana kalian demikian pula pemimpin kalian)

(muhasabah diri) -_-!!!

(bacalah dengan nama Tuhan yang menciptakan..._

Wednesday, March 13, 2013



what i really demand for?
what i need?
what i want?
i don't know what i want...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


قصص قصيرة هادفة _ البطة الصغيرة الغريبة

قصة الذئب و الخراف السبعة {17} حكايات مااحلاها

قصص عالمية 073 ـ الذئب و الصغار السبع || جودة عالية HD

p/s: mimi ko jangan lupa tengok cite ni ok...
p/s: ok, aku tahulah
p/s: best kan dengar suara mereka ^_^. ok selamat menterjemah..



p/s: i like the bluish sky color...