Tuesday, February 28, 2012


^_^. i always make people worry...
        and im sorry
        love all of you 1,2,3...
        because Allah the Most Mercy...

A Note to God

if i wrote a note to God
i would speaks whats in my soul
i'd ask for all the hate to be swept away
for love to overflow

if i wrote a note to God
i'd pour my heart out on each page
i'd ask for war to end
for peace to mend this world

i'd say, i'd say, i'd say

give us the strength to make it through
help us find love cause love is over due
and it looks like we haven't got a clue
need some help from YOU
grant us the faith to carry on
give us hope when it seems all hope is gone
cause it seems like so much is going wrong
on this road we're on

if i wrote a note to God
i would say what on my mind
i'd ask for wisdom to let compassion rule this world
until these time

if i wrote a note to God
i'd say please help us find our way
end all the bitterness, put some tenderness in our hearts

and i'd say, i'd say, i'd say
give us the strength to make it through
help us find love cause love is overdue
and it looks like we havent got a clue
need some help from You
grant us the faith to carry on
give us hope when it seems all hope is gone
cause it seems like so much is going wrong
on this road we're on



give us the strength to make it through
help us find love cause love is over due
and it looks like we havent got a clue
need some help from You
grant us the faith to carry on
give us hope when it seems all hope is gone
cause it seems like so much is going wrong
on this road we're on

i'll pray You'll be our eyes and watch us where we go
and help us to be wise in times when we dont know
let this be our prayer when we lose our way
lead us to the place guide us with Your grace
to a place where we'll be safe

i pray we'll find Your Light
and hold it in our hearts
when stars go out each night
let this be our prayer
when shadows fill our day

lead us to place, guide us with Your grace
give us faith so we'll be safe

i thank God for His love
i thank God for His peace
i thank God for His Grace
and for all the joys He brings

i thank God for His strength
i thank God for all His power
i thank God for His truth
His mercy sees me through

i thank God for my life
i thank God for my home
i thank God for my friends
and that i am not alone

i thank God for this world
i thank God for the sky
i thank God for the star
in heaven above

i thank God for His plan
i thank God for His way
i thank God for His hand
that leads me through each day

i thank God for my trust
i thank God for my hope
i thank God for my faith
my heart for Him

He'll always be here
here in my heart

no... nothing to do with this just like watching Gundam 00 here

Saturday, February 25, 2012

nafsu ammarah

 i always said:
Robbi zidni i'lman
Robbi zidni i'lman
Robbi zidni i'lman

God (Allah) please give me a knowledge...
because i love knowledge...

i want to learn about my self...
so please...the love i said...
not too miss judge...
i love you...
in my dimension...
is about love because of Allah
all of you will become my friend
in here dunya and hereafter 

The Bond of Brotherhood (here)

"Believers are indeed brothers" (Al-Hujurat, verse 10)

"And adhere to the Bond of Allah, together, and do not be divided. Ann remember the Favor of Allah that was bestowed upon you: how you were enemies, and how He united your hearts, so that by His Favor you became brothers. And how He saved you from the Pit of Fire when you were on the brink of it. And so Allah makes plain to you His verses, in order that you will be guided." (Al-Imran, 103)

"The believers, both men and women, are awlia (helpers, supporters, allies) to each other." (Al-Tawbah, 71)

"Obey Allah and His Messenger and do not dispute with one another, otherwise you will fail and lose your strength. Have patience - Allah is with those who are patient." (Al-Anfal, 46)

"You will not enter paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another." (Sahih Muslim)

"You will not be a believer until you love for your brother what you love for yourself" (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

"Allah (swt) will say on the Day of Judgement: Where are those who loved each other for my sake? I will shade them today, when there is no shade but mine!" (Sahih Muslim)

"There are three things that if one has them, he will find the sweetness of faith. That Allah and His messenger be more beloved to him than anything else, that he love a person for no reason other than for the sake of Allah, and to hate to go back to disbelief as much as he hates to be thrown into fire." (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

"Whoever relieves a calamity that has struck a believer in this world, Allah will relieve for him one of the calamities of the day of Judgement, and whoever makes things easy for a person in trouble, Allah will make his matters easy in this life and in the hereafter, and whoever shields the faults of a Muslim, Allah will shield his faults in this world and the hereafter, and Allah will help and support his servant as long as he is helping and supporting his brother" (Sahih Muslim)

"The most beloved people to Allah (swt) are those who help and benefit others the most, and the most beloved actions to Allah (swt), is pleasure and happiness that you cause to enter the heart of a Muslim, or to solve one of his problems, or to pay off his debt, or to prevent him from hungry, and working to help my Muslim brother is more beloved to me than making i'tikaf in this masjid for a month, and whoever control his anger, Allah will conceal his faults, and whoever control his ill feelings, Allah (swt) will fill his heart with contentment on the day of Judgement, and whoever strives to help fulfill a need for his Muslim brother, Allah will make his feet steadfast on the day of Judgement, and bad manner ruin goog deeds just like vinegar ruins honey." (Sheikh Al-Albani said it is a sound hadith)

"Stay with the group (of righteous Muslims), for the wolf eats the sheep that strays away from the herd" (Ahmad and Al-Tirmidhi)

"If they go through hardship and if the food is not enough for their kids, they gather all of what they have in one place, and then they will divide it equally amongst each other. They are from me, and i am from them!"


(sorry for the owner of this picture... i really forgot...where i found this picture...jazakumullah khoiron kasir)

i love all of you...
anybody i met...
because of Allah

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Atlantic (Yemen)

just joking ^_^.
but is a wonderful places... Subhanallah

it such a funny thing
how nothing's funny 
when it's you...
you tell 'em what you mean
but the keep whiting out the truth

it's like a work of art
that never get to see the Light !!!

keep you beneath the stars...
won't let you touch the sky...

love you, because of Allah.. ^_^.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



thanks...but it is not money, i search for...
...Allah had gave me a lot of His kindness...that i've to appreciate Him...
but my friend... hope you'll find...
what is the meaning of this life...

think and think...
this is all will be over...
i donno what you feel deep inside...
because it is only you...can explain it...
read and read...
i just show it...
you the one...who should try to open your heart and mind...
and join me...

i'm waiting for come in...
i would be happy...
to see your faces...
it is the time...when you know...
WHO ARE you?

Monday, February 20, 2012


^_^. sometimes i would closed this blog for a moment...
cause i feel tired...
but i always remember...and never forget...
Hope Allah (God) always protect us...
Hope Allah always beside you
Love all of you...because of Allah this, to think and think... as i was saying


You have completed the Personality Quiz!
Your personality or temperment are based on the following scales: Introversion, Extroversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judging, Perceiving
Your personality maps as follows:
ESFJ:(E):Extroversion , (S):Sensing , (F):Feeling , (J):Judging .
This means you are more likely to be:
Everyone's trusted friend :Graciousness describes the general lifestyle of this type and sums up the management style. Can encourage and motivate workers to accomplish goals. The work setting is very formal but pleasant. Tends to display parental judgment, even impatience. This is called a Santa Claus management style, since the ESFJ keeps lists, even mental ones, and checks them twice. Distributes rewards and critical glances/guilt trips.

“They are young people looking for soul peacefulness. Show them the PATH. Tell them that they are the flowers in the garden and the stars in the darkest night. Hold their hands tightly and lead the way..”

spread your message everywhere you go..use the workplace as your platform..dont work just for money..! 
dont disassociate dakwah and career..! 

insyaAllah, with our little efforts, these young professionals will be part of us in the saff…

(i took your word ^_^. it nice)

Tidak ada sebarang cita-cita akan tercapai sekiranya anda tidak bertindak mengawal hidup anda

Antara cita-cita anda beberapa tahun yang lalu, masih praktikal dan boleh dicapai.

Kuatkan semangat - hidup kita penuh harapan.

Peaceful, Discreet, Non-Aggressive
Tenang, Berhati-hati, Tak Agresif
You are easy-going yet discreet. You make friends effortlessly, yet enjoy your privacy and independence. You like to get away from it all and be alone from time to time to contemplate the meaning of life and enjoy yourself. You need space, so you escape to beautiful hideaways, but you are not a loner. You are at peace with yourself and the world, and you appreciate life and what this world has to offer..
Anda mudah berbicara tetapi bersifat berhati-hati. Walaupun anda berkawan dengan mudah anda menikmati persendirian dan kebebasan. Anda suka memencilkan diri dari masa ke masa untuk merenung tentang erti hidup serta menikmati sendirian diri. Anda memerlukan kelapangan, jadi anda berlepas ke tempat bersembunyi yang permai. Namun, anda bukan penyendiri. Anda berdamai dengan diri sendiri dan dunia, serta anda menghargai hidup anda dan apa yang ditawarkan oleh dunia ini.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

teks Pengerusi Majlis (Arab 2)

Syukran...adik-adik BATI kita.... berkarat-karat kalau tak cakap Arab ^_^.
This text is from my adik BATI... hehe..semoga bermanfaat 


Dari Raub ke Pontian,
Terus pula ke Kuala Perlis;
Harap semua berikan perhatian,
Mohon kami mulakan majlis.


Sirih berlipat sirih pinang,
Sirih dari Pulau Mutiara;
Pemanis kata selamat datang,
Awal basmallah pembuka bicara.

بسم الله الرحمن الحيم

الحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام على أشرف الأنبياء والمرسلين وعلى آله وأصبه أجمعين,أما بعد.
المكرم الفاضل الأستاذ أمر الدين بن إسحاق
أمير المدرسة
المحترمة الفاضلة الأستاذة نوراحيدا بنت محمد
رئيسة القسم اللغة العربية
صفوف المحاضرون والمحاضرات
ولا أنسى إخواني وأخواتي الأحباء في الدين والعقيدة.
أحييكم بتحية الإسلام. تحية مباركة عند الله.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.
أولا،حيا بنا نشكر شكرا كثيرا إلى الله تعالى الذي قد أعطأنا نعمة و هداية حتى نستطيع أن نجتمع في هذا المكان المبارك.
ثانيا،صلاة وسلاما دائمين ومتلازمين إلى حبيبينا وشفيعنا نبينا محمد (ص) الذي قد حملنا من الظلمات إلى النور وإلى الصراط المستقيم.

Majlis terlebih dahulu mengucapkan selamat datang kepada yang berbahagia Usth Norahida bt Muhammad ke majlis makan malam Jabatan Bahasa Arab.
Majlis juga turut merakamkan sekalung terima kasih atas kesudian yang berbahagia Ustaz Amiruddin bin Ishak untuk bersama-sama menjayakan majlis makan malam ini.
Untuk pengetahuan yang berbahagia, majlis makan malam ini dikelola oleh AJK jabatan bahasan arab tahun 2010/2011.
Sesungguhnya majlis makan malam ini diadakan untuk mengeratkan lagi hubungan muhibbah antara pihak pengajar dan anak2 didik.
Semoga apa2 yang kita rancangkan pada malam ini dapat kita laksanakan dengan jayanya dan diharapkan hadirin sekalian berasa selesa dan gembira sepanjang majlis berlangsung.

Bacaan Doa
Bunga mawar cantik tersemat,
Dipetik gadis ditepi titi;
Doa dibaca memohon rahmat,
Semoga majlis sentiasa diberkati.

للحصول على بركة الله ندعوا الأخ
لقرائة الدعاء. فليتفضل مأجورا.


آمين،آمين يا رب العالمين. فعسى أن يستجيب دعائنا ويباركنا ويهدينا الهدى ويقوينا بالتقى والإيمان. إن شاء الله.
الآن،نفضل رئيس الجمعية الطلبة بقسم اللغة العربية الأخ
لإلقاء كلمته. فليتفضل مشكورا.


Majlis merakamkan ribuan terima kasih.
Seterusnya, majlis mempersilakan yang berusaha Ustazah Norahida bt Muhammad, untuk menyampaikan ucapannya.
Dengan segala hormatnya, dipersilakan.


Terima kasih yang berusaha ustazah norahida binti muhammad, atas ucapan itu tadi.
Dengan itu, majlis mempersilakan Yang berbahagia ustaz Muhammad Amiruddin bin Ishak untuk mengungkap bicara.
Dengan segala hormatnya, majlis mempersilakan.


Majlis merakamkan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan dan terima kasih kepada yang berbahagia ustaz muhammad amiruddin bin ishak atas ucapan beliau itu tadi.

Puan dibawa ke Gunung Ledang,
Bagi penawar hati yang rag,
Bagi menghapus hati yang lara;
Pinggan mangkuk telah terhidang,
Apa lagi ingin ditunggu, marilah kita menjamu selera.

Dengan itu, dipersilakan yang berbahagia dan hadirin untuk menjamu selera.

Namun sebelum itu, afdallah kiranya jika kita menjemput
Untuk bacaan doa makan. Dengan segala hormatnya, dipersilakan.

Sebagai halwa telinga dan mata kita pada malam ini, terimalah persembahan daripada …………..


Berikan tepukan yang gemuruh kepada ……..
Terima kasih.
Baik, anda ingin lagi..??
Dengan itu, terimalah persembahan daripada ………


Demikianlah persembahan daripada …..
Terima kasih diucapkan..
Kita teruskan majlis kita pada malam ini dengan tayangan video.
Semoga anda semua terhibur.. 


Majlis diteruskan lagi dengan penyampaian cenderamata.
Dengan itu, majlis menjemput
Untuk menyampaikan cenderamata kepada para pensyarah. Dipersilakan.


Majlis merakamkan ribuan terima kasih kepada
Atas kesudian menyampaikan cenderamata kepada para pensyarah.

Para hadirin yang dihormati sekalian,
Nampaknya majlis makan mala mini akan melabuhkan tirainya. Namun, sebelum itu, majlis ingin merakamkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Yang berbahagia Ustaz Muhammad Amiruddin kerana sudi bersama –sama kami dalam majlis ini.

ANN 13

Kuning emas masaknya padi,
Mawar merah dalam jambangan;
Terima kasih daun keladi,
Budi tuan jadi kenangan.

Kami bagi pihak majlis juga ingin memohon kemaafan jika terdapat sebarang kecacatan dan kepincangan sepanjang perjalanan majlis ini.

Dengan itu, berakhirlah sudah majlis kita pada malam ini.  Kita tutup majlis kita dengan tasbih kifarah dan surah al-‘asr.

Sekian, assalamualaikum.